Past Junto Meetings – April 1991 through December 2004

December 30, 2004

April 1991
Mitchell Jones
Chlorinating: The Greatest Scandal In History

May 1991
Jim Powell
Capitalism & Civilization: How Peaceful Commerce Promotes Social Justice
Discussion: Altruism versus selfishness

June 1991
Dan Grossman
Luck and Careers.
Discussion: The Future Of New York

July 1991
Victor Niederhoffer
Economic Ecology: The Home Life, Distribution, and Abundance of Commodity Players

August 1991
David Boaz
400 Years Of Failure: The Lesson Of Drug Prohibition
Discussion: Methods of Improving Longevity

September 1991
Mitchell Jones &
Susan Slyman
What Makes A Good Painting

October 1991
Jules Leopold
What Is Predictable?
Discussion: How To Think About Good

November 1991
Michael Rothschild

December 1991
Kenneth Rendell
The Criteria That Establishes Values In Different Collecting Areas: Some Thoughts On Their Validity And On Investing In Collectibles

January 1992
William Tucker
Running Schools As A Business

February 1992
Bill McCarthy
“Vice Cop,” a book about his years as head of NYPD’s Morals Division

March 1992
Stephen Kagann
The Corporate Headquarters Complex – And The Future Of New York City
Stephanie Winston
Personal and office organization.

April 1992
Marisa Manley
Why Laws Backfire

May 1992
Jim Powell
Why the Morals of the Marketplace are Better than the Morals of Government
Discussion: Qualities that make for success

June 1992
Judge Marvin Frankel
Adversary Justice
Discussion: Practical Ideas That Make Life Better

July 1992
Marty Edelston
Battle plan for American Business

August 1992
First Anniversary Party at the Niederhoffer’s

September 1992
“Benjamin Franklin”
A visitor from the 18th century.
Victor Niederhoffer
The Ecology of Public Government and the Market

October 1992
Richard Ebeling &
Jacob “Bumper” Hornberger

How the Principles of the Declaration of Independence have been Subverted
Steve Keeley
About his world travels

November 1992
Tibor Machan
Economic versus Ethical Individualism
Stephen Stigler
How Statistics Can Lead to a Wrong Decision

December 1992
Murray Franck
Individual Rights
Robert Schrade
Life with Music

January 1993
Will Lewis
Music of Management
Victor Niederhoffer
Education of a Speculator

February 1993
Murray Franck &
Tibor Machan

Who Has Which Rights?

March 1993
John Taylor Gatto
Confederacy of Dunces: The Tyranny of Compulsory Schooling

April 1993
Joan Kennedy Taylor
Reclaiming the Mainstream

May 1993
David Kelley
Consequences of the Pursuit of Happiness Vs. Sacrifice During the 1980’s

June 1993
George Walsh
Rousseau, Egalitarism and Collectivism
Jim Wynne
Why Science Matters

July 1993
Jim Powell
How Markets Generate Vital Knowledge for Human Progress

August 1993
Bill Bradford
Economics and Ecology, Sophisticated and Vulgar (CT)
Bill Bradford
Rand, Paterson, Lane & the Origins of the Modern Libertarian Movement.

September 1993
John McCormack
How Property Rights Can Be Used to Protect Wildlife and Wilderness

October 1993
Adam Robinson
What Smart Students Know

November 1993
Edward Hudgins
The Role of Devotees of Freedom in Politics

December 1993
Herbert London
Current Problems in the US

January 1994
Victor Niederhoffer
What Can You Learn from Games and Hobbies

February 1994
Bill McCarthy
Current Issues of Gun Control

March 1994
Kenneth Rendell
How Human Nature Propels Bad Forgeries Into Major Literary Hoaxes

April 1994
Jacob “Bumper” Hornberger
The Dangers of Socialized Medicine

May 1994
Caroline Baum
Analysis of Financial Markets

June 1994
Gary Greenberg
Ancient Israel and Modern America: The Dangerous Parallels

July 1994
Michael Balboa
Economic and Political Trends in Certain Less-developed Countries

August 1994
Arthur E. Gandolfi
Sex, Economics and the Meaning of Life.

September 1994
Stephen Hicks
The Love of Money

October 1994
Jim Rogers
Economic, Political, Investment and Social Observations from an around-the-world motorcycle trip

November 1994
John Baden
Progressive Era Reforms: The American Counter-Revolution

December 1994
Harry Browne
Government doesn’t work, and I want to get rid of as much of it as is practical

January 1995
Felix Livingston
Homo Oeconomicus: A Man for All Seasons

February 1995
Robert Bidinotto
The Criminal Justice: The Legal System versus the Individual

March 1995
Roger Pilon
On the Demise and Rebirth of Constitutional Government

April 1995
Douglas Rasmussen
The Communitarian Challenge to Liberty

May 1995
Bill Bradford
The future of liberty and the role libertarians will play in that future

June 1995
Victor Niederhoffer
Camouflage And Other Deceptions

July 1995
James Bovard
Government Waste and Abusive Taxation

August 1995
Jack Schwartzman
editor-in-chief of “Fragments,” an international individualist magazine

September 1995
Jim Powell
Intriguing, instructive, sometimes heart-warming stories about great heroes of liberty

October 1995
Tibor Machan
Some autobiographical reflections

November 1995
Hans F. Sennholz
Pillars Of The Welfare State

December 1995
Randy E. Barnett
The Rights Retained by the People: The History and Meaning of the Ninth Amendment

January 1996
John L. McCormack
Conspiracy Theory

February 1996
Pierre Lemieux
The Individualist Sentiment

March 1996
Larry Sechrest

April 1996
Eugene R. Dattel
Japan’s Failed Attempt at Global Financial Dominance

May 1996
Carl Liedhom
Michigan State University
Microenterprises in Developing Countries

June 1996

July 1996
Dean Hazel

August 1996
Jim Powell
Heroes Who Defy Tyrants: Raul Wallenberg, Natan Sharansky, & Others

September 1996
Victor Niederhoffer
Music and Speculation (with pianist Robert Schrade)

October 1996
Saul Kent
The Prospect of Living in Good Health to the Age of 150 and beyond

November 1996
Fred Smith
Marketing the Virtues of Freedom in a World of Rational Ignorance

December 1996
Jeffrey Rogers Hummel
Foundations of American Statism: The Economic Impact of the Civil War

January 1997
Frank Tipler
The Physics of Immortality: There is No Limit to Progress

February 1997
Robert Bidinotto
How to Present the Ideas of Individualism to Ordinary People

March 1997
Charles Adams
Walter Olson
The Excuse Factory

April 1997
David Ramsay Steele
The Anti-Technology Movement as the Radical Alternative to Capitalism
Richard Epstein
Our Inalienable Right to Health Care

May 1997
(no May meeting)

June 1997
Sallie Baliunas
Global Warming: What the Facts Are

July 1997
George Reisman
Everyone’s Stake in Capitalism

August 1997
Jane Orient
Healthy Skepticism About National Health Care

September 1997
Marshall Fritz
Separation of Schools and State

October 1997
Wendy McElroy
How Politically Correct Feminism is Hurting Women

November 1997
John McGinnis
Biology and Law

December 1997
John Baden

January 1998
David Friedman

February 1998
David Kelley
The Epic Clash of Cultures
Tibor Machan
The Epic Clash of Cultures

March 1998
Steve Mariotti
Teaching Inner-City Kids to Start and Run a Business

April 1998
Lawrence Kudlow
American Abundance: The New Economic & Moral Prosperity

May 1998
Peter Huber
Law & disorder in CyberSpace: Abolish the FCC & Let Common Law Rule

June 1998
Thomas Fleming

July 1998
Pierre Lemieux
Liberty & Sex

August 1998
Stanley Mason
Creative Spark of Invention

September 1998
Scott Douglas Gerber
The Declaration of Independence & Constitutional Interpretation

October 1998

November 1998
Randy E. Barnett
Liberty, Justice & The Rule Of Law

December 1998
James DeLong
Property Matters

January 1999
Tom DiLorenzo
The Food and Drink Police

February 1999
Virginia Postrel
The Future and Its Enemies

March 1999
Amity Shlaes
Taxation: The Greedy Hand

April 1999
James Bovard
The Rise of the State & the Demise of the Citizen

May 1999
Ivan Eland
Dangerous Consequences of Clinton’s war in the Balkans.

June 1999
George B.N. Ayittey
author of “Africa Betrayed” and “Africa in Chaos”

July 1999
Mike Godwin
Center for Democracy & Technology
The American Revolution

August 1999
Gregory Rehmke
Free Market Incentives

September 1999
Bettina Bien Greaves
Human Action After 50 Years.

October 1999
Tom Bethell
The Noblest Triumph: Property & Prosperity Through The Ages

November 1999
John R. Lott Jr.
More Guns, Less Crime

December 1999
Tyler Cowen
How Capitalism Liberates The Arts

January 2000
Joan Kennedy Taylor
Sex, men and women in the market place

February 2000
Martin Gross
The Conspiracy of Ignorance

March 2000
Fred Smith
Electrical power crisis in California

April 2000
John Fund
Why all the political Opinion Polls are wrong?

May 2000
Peter Ferrara
A battle plan for Social Security

June 2000
Victor Niederhoffer
Approaches to understanding the financial market

July 2000
Brett Steenbarger
Psychological biases and weakness can be overcome

August 2000
David Ciocca
Investing in the Internet Era

September 2000
Perry Metzger
The Future of Technology

October 2000
Milo Hamilton
Rice: The First Grain

November 2000
Arthur Robinson
Extending human lifespan

December 2000
Jim Powell
The Triumph of Liberty

January 2001
Gregory Rehmke
How markets can deal with world emergencies

February 2001

March 2001
Jacob Hornberger
Libertarianism vs. The Moral Bankruptcy of the left and right

April 2001
Tim Slagle
Libertarian humor

May 2001
Michael Fumento
BioEvolution: How Biotechnology Is Changing Our World

June 2001
Jeremy Hildreth
Cuba: A libertarian Perspective

July 2001
Dan Grossman
The perfect deal

August 2001
Terry Blodgett
Tracing the lost tribes of the Israelites

September 2001
Victor Niederhoffer
FDA delays: how to profit from them

October 2001
Memorial for John Perry, a NYC police officer & Junto attendee, lost on 9/11

November 2001
Robin Hanson
George Mason University

December 2001
Victor Niederhoffer
Culture, Capitalism, American Game; ‘Songs of Speculation’

January 2002
David Kelley
Founder, The Objectivist Center

February 2002
Deroy Murdock
We’re too nice: What libertarians are doing wrong, what we can do better

March 2002
Steven Landsburg
More Sex is Safer Sex, and Other Surprises About the Way Markets Work

April 2002
Dennis Ainsworth
Capital Consumption 1965 to the present: its causes, consequences and cures

May 2002
Stephen Moore
It’s Getting Better All the Time: The Greatest Trends of the Past 100 Years

June 2002
Jeffrey Friedman
Public Ignorance as a Reason for Libertarianism

July 2002
Tibor Machan
Is Free Will Mystical?

August 2002
Sarah Lawrence
Parenting: The Philosophy and Practice of Taking Children Seriously

September 2002
Ed Hudgins
Can Ayn Rand Conquer Washington?

October 2002
Gregory Rehmke
Promoting Free-Market Ideas Around the World

November 2002
Todd Seavey
Libertarians, Smoking & Insanity: How ideology affects ideas about freedom & health

December 2002
Fred Smith
Heaven or Hell: The Hope and Threat of Globalization

January 2003
Victor Niederhoffer &
Laurel Kenner

Practical Speculation in an Uncertain World

February 2003
Donald J. Boudreaux
How Capitalism Leads to a Cleaner Environment & Better Health

March 2003
Henry Gifford
Fire Science & The World Trade Center’s vulnerable architecture

April 2003
Thomas L. Knapp
Deadly Confusions: Libertarianism & War

May 2003
Jesse Walker
Reason magazine
Broadcasters and the State

June 2003
Jim Rogers
author, “Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Investor’s Road Trip”

July 2003
Richard Kostelanetz
author, “Soho: The Rise and Fall of an Artists’ Colony”

August 2003
Fred Smith
Corporate Aftershock: Economic Liberty Before and After Enron

September 2003
Gregory Rehmke
Socialism in US Electric Utilities & Its Role in the Recent Blackout

October 2003
Alex Tabarrok
Terrorism Futures, Information Markets & a New Form of Democracy

November 2003
Jim Powell
How Roosevelt and His New Deal Prolonged the Great Depression

December 2003
Charles Murray
American Enterprise Institute, author of “Human Accomplishment”

January 2004
Tyler Cowen
George Mason University
Civilization: The Case for a Free Society

February 2004
Celebration of the 99th birthday of Ayn Rand and the 93rd birthday of Ronald Reagan.
James Bovard
Terrorism & Tyranny: Trampling Freedom, Justice and Peace to Rid the World of Evil

March 2004
Robert Bidinotto

April 2004
John Stossel

May 2004
Alan Charles Kors

June 2004
David Kelley
The Objectivist Center
Can the Muslim World Modernize? The Case of Morocco

July 2004
June Arunga
Why Africans are Abandoning Africa

August 2004
Gabriella Megyesi
Lessons from Lands without Liberty
Gregory Rehmke
Program director of

September 2004
Victor Niederhoffer
Deception in the Stock Market

October 2004
Jeffrey Friedman
The Politics of Ignorance

November 2004
Tibor Machan
Hoover Institution
Animal Rights: A New Threat to Liberty

December 2004
Lawrence Kudlow
What’s Ahead for 2005? A post-election look at the economy and the stock market

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