November 2, 2006 – Robert Bidinotto

November 2, 2006

  • Social interaction
  • Discussion of current issues and events
  • And a lively conversation with our featured speaker

Robert Bidinotto
Editor-in-Chief of The Atlas Society’s magazine,
The New Individualist

The Anatomy of Cooperation

Is it ever proper to collaborate with people who don’t share your philosophical principles — especially in organized intellectual or ideological endeavors?

This question will be applied to issues between and among Objectivists and libertarians.

In this talk, Robert Bidinotto will both critique and build upon Ayn Rand’s analysis of this subject. He’ll outline additional rules and considerations to help individuals determine when philosophical cooperation is appropriate and when it isn’t.

Find new pathways that may lead to greater collaboration, and greater civility, among traditional adversaries.

Robert Bidinotto is the editor-in-chief of The New Individualist, the monthly magazine of the Atlas Society. His anti-environmentalist website is; he also runs a blog. He last spoke at Junto in March 2004.

  • We gather at 7pm on the first Thursday of each month and begin our organized meeting around 7:30.
  • The featured speaker is normally introduced at about 8. The meeting continues until about 10.
  • Please note: Junto is not the usual sort of meeting with a long speech followed by Q & A. Invited speakers give a short presentation, and then are challenged to defend their assertions. Discussions are intense, but polite.

General Society Library
20 West 44th St.
Between 5th & 6th avenues, near Grand Central Terminal

Subway: 4, 5, 6, 7 to Grand Central – 42nd St.,
B, D, F, V to 42nd St. – Sixth Ave., or
1, 2, 3, 9, N, Q, R, S, or W to Times Square – 42nd St.

Admission is free, and no reservation is necessary.

Junto focuses on libertarianism, Objectivism — the philosophy of Ayn Rand — and investing.

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