February 1, 2007 – Ayn Rand’s 102nd Birthday

February 1, 2007

A special celebration of the 102nd Birthday of Ayn Rand


  • Patricia Neal, who played Dominique in the movie version of The Fountainhead. Miss Neal will talk about working with Miss Rand. We’ll screen portions of the movie as a starting point for Miss Neal’s presentation.
  • Mike Wallace’s 1959 half-hour TV interview of Miss Rand.
  • Recollections of Miss Rand by people who knew her, including former students of the Nathaniel Branden Institute, such as Junto moderator Iris Bell, who was graphic designer of Miss Rand’s The Objectivist.
  • Stephen Shearer, Miss Neal’s biographer.
  • A birthday cake decorated with photos from The Fountainhead and of Miss Rand.
  • A book signing with Miss Neal and Mr. Shearer.

We gather at 7 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month. The meeting continues until about 10.?Discussions are lively, but polite. Participation by attendees is highly encouraged.

General Society Library
20 West 44th St.
Between 5th & 6th avenues, near Grand Central Terminal

Subway: 4, 5, 6, 7 to Grand Central – 42nd St.,
B, D, F, V to 42nd St. – Sixth Ave., or
1, 2, 3, 9, N, Q, R, S, or W to Times Square – 42nd St.

Admission is free, and no reservation is necessary.

Junto focuses on libertarianism, Objectivism — the philosophy of Ayn Rand — and investing.

Our founder and host is Victor Niederhoffer, publisher (with Laurel Kenner) of Daily Speculations.


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