November 2007

NYC Junto Newsletter – Nov. 16, 2007

November 16, 2007

Contents * NEW Junto’s next meeting, December 6, 2007 * Upcoming Junto speakers through Feb. 2008 * NEW Barbara Branden video: Ayn Rand & Atlas Shrugged * NEW New York City Ayn Rand MeetUp * NEW The Morality of Moneylending: A Short History * NEW The Ayn Rand Lexicon now free on the web * […]

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November 1, 2007 – Robert Higgs

November 1, 2007

Social interaction Discussion of current issues and events And a lively conversation with our featured speaker Robert Higgs Senior Fellow in Political Economy, The Independent Institute Fear: The Foundation of Every Government’s Power Robert Higgs says: Although many writers have argued that all governments rest on public opinion, that sustaining public opinion itself rests on […]

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