NYC Junto Newsletter – Dec. 22, 2007

December 22, 2007


* NEW Junto’s next meeting, January 3, 2008
* NEW Upcoming Junto speakers through April 2008
* NEW Enright suggests order to read James Clavell’s novels
* NEW Ayn Rand’s novels selling better then ever
* NEW New York City Ayn Rand MeetUp
* NEW Junto member’s NYTimes op-ed on pneumatic tubes
* NEW Junto member’s documentary on Katz’s Deli i
* Ayn Rand NYC history tours
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* About this newsletter

Junto is a group that shares information
and discusses current issues…
plus presents speakers to talk with us:

Linda Russell, balladeer,
will sing and tell the stories behind
U.S. patriotic and political anthems, featuring the 1800s.
Among the political campaign songs will be
“Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too” and “You’re Alright Teddy”.

Thursday, January 3, 2008 at 8:00pm
doors open 7:00pm, general discussion from ABOUT 7:30pm

General Society Library
20 West 44th Street, NYC
between 5th and 6th Avenues
near the Grand Central Terminal

4, 5, 6, 7, S, to Grand Central — 42nd St.
B, D, F, V to 42nd Street — Sixth Ave.
1, 2, 3, N, Q, R, W to Times Square — 42nd St.

Admission Free No reservation necessary

Please note:
Junto is not the usual sort of meeting with a long speech
followed by Q & A. Junto’s invited speakers give a short
presentation, and then are challenged to defend their assertions.
Discussions are intense, but polite. Participation by all
attendees is highly encouraged.

* We’ll socialize from 7:00pm.
* The meeting begins at ABOUT 7:30pm with
a discussion of current issues and events.
* The featured speaker is introduced at ABOUT 8:00pm.
* The meeting will continue to ABOUT 10:00pm.

Junto will be at the General Society Library
on the first Thursday of every month.

Balladeer Linda Russell performs on the hammered and
mountain dulcimers, guitar, pennywhistle and limberjack.
She’s a musical historian and singer who specializes in
America’s past in song.
For 16 years she served as balladeer on Wall Street at
Federal Hall National Memorial, the site of George
Washington’s inauguration. There she sang songs of the
18th century for tourists, school children and Wall Street
businessmen on their lunch hours.
Now she takes her music to historic sites around the
country, including The Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in
Baker, Oregon; Saratoga Battlefield National Historical Park
and Women’s Rights National Park in Seneca Falls.
New York appearances have included the Carnegie Hall
Folk Festival and Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors. She performs
regularly at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the New
York Botanical Gardens.
As a teaching artist, she brings her historical programs to
schools under the auspices of Symphony Space as well as the
Westchester Arts Council.
She has recorded 8 albums of traditional and historical
American music, including The Good Old Colony Days,
Christmas Past, Stephen Foster Songs and Stephen Foster
Civil War Songs.
Visit her website at:

Junto focuses on libertarianism, Objectivism, and investing.
Our founder and host is Victor Niederhoffer. Visit his site at:
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Come hear speakers at Junto:

* February 7, 2008 — Ayn Rand 103 — Barbara Branden
Barbara Branden, Ayn Rand’s associate for many years, will be
the featured speaker at this celebration of the philosopher of
capitalism and its virtues.

* March. 6, 2008 — Greg Rehmke
He’s editor of
He’s directed educational programs at the Free Enterprise
Institute, The Reason Foundation and the Foundation for
Economic Education.

* April 5, 2008 — Lawrence McQuillan
He’s director of Business and Economic Studies and is a
Senior Fellow in Political Economy at the Pacific Research
Institute in San Francisco.
His specialties are regulations, taxes, budget and
international economic issues. He edited the book “The
International Monetary Fund — Financial Medic to the World?”

Marsha Familaro Enright suggests order to read
James Clavell’s novels

Marsha was the speaker at the December 2007 Junto. She
told us about the novels of James Clavell. They frequently
depict clashes between capitalism and authoritarianism in
various cultures.
She sent this for this newsletter: “I had a number of people
ask me about what order to read the Clavell novels in, and I’m
not sure I gave a good answer that night.
“I’ve been thinking since, and I would recommend they start
with one of the epics like Tai Pan or Shogun (which I consider
his best novel), and read King Rat later, it might not give them
the right idea about his writing.
“Although it is dramatic and moving, King Rat is also quite
different from the other novels and very gruesome.”

Ayn Rand’s novels selling better then ever

At the Dec. Junto there was a discussion of how well Ayn
Rand’s novels are selling compared to the years they were
originally published.
The Ayn Rand Institute reports that the sales last year of
“Atlas Shrugged” topped 130,000 copies — more than when
the first hardcover and paperback editions were published.
In recent years each of Rand’s novels; Anthem, The
Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged — has sold more than
100,000 copies annualy. These are levels never achieved
during Ayn Rand’s lifetime.

New York City Ayn Rand Meetup

Come to the meeting on Sunday, Dec. 30 at 3:00pm.
Talk with us about Ayn Rand, her works, Objectivist life,
challenges, options, associations and knowledge. Give and
take, open to all, no charge, no reservations.
It’s at Midtown Restaurant, 155 East 55 Street, between
3rd and Lexington Avenues, free.
For those particularly interested in social gatherings see the
message board under the Objectivist Social Gatherings posted
and maintained by Lou Esposito.
More about the Ayn Rand MeetUp:

Junto member’s New York Times op-ed on pneumatic tubes

Henry Nass wrote an op-ed about the efficiency of pneumatic
tubes to move mail around the city.
With pneumatic tube systems “…between the airports and
the city’s general post office in Midtown Manhattan, we could
reduce the number of diesel-burning, mail-carrying
18-wheelers on the city’s streets. …”
The Times worked with him on the op-ed for about half
a year. It ran in the Sunday “City Section” on December 2,
2007, page 13. The title is “You’ve Got Mail”.
You can read it all at:

Junto member’s documentary on Katz’s Deli in the works

Yura Dashevsky was at the Dec. Junto and spoke about the
documentary he’s producing. It’s about one of the longest
lasting New York institutions, world-famous Katz’s
Delicatessen. Completion is scheduled for the first quarter
of 2008. It’s title: “Katz’s: That’s All!
Katz’s is on the corner of E. Houston and Ludlow St. on
Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It opened in 1888 as a popular
place for the “tired, poor, huddled” and hungry masses, It’s
outlasted all of its competition and never abandoned its initial
“format” — a New York Kosher-style Jewish deli.
“I was initially consulting Katz’s on bringing them into the
Internet, and then was asked to monitor the emails coming to, while they’re busy making their pastrami
— and it turned out to be the best way to get exposed to the
love people all over the world have for Katz’s, its food and
history, each one being proud of one’s own unique individual
kind of devotion.
“This was the basis for building my own multilayered
visual sandwich. Some of my film’s characters are famous,
others aren’t yet, but as I watch them be touched by Katz’s,
they all gain star quality.
“First-timers and regulars, lawyers, pols and chefs, bikers,
writers and soldiers, historians and the club-hopping crowd,
filmmakers and troublemakers, all creeds and colors…the
action at Katz’s is precious and there’s no other place like it
on Earth”, says Yura.
His experience includes writing feature films for the most
successful Russian film directors and producing documentaries
for the United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees in
Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, and Afghanistan.
Celebrity interviewees include Victor Niederhoffer, Diane
von Furstenberg, Anthony Bourdain, Cousin Brucie, Buck
Henry, Raoul Felder, Ed Koch, Freddie Roman, and Gary
The main star is the action at Katz’s. “After four years
of research I think I know what interests the public in this
subject, and I plan to give it to them.”
The film is self-funded by Yura. “I just thought that this is
a story has to be told today, that’s it’s dear and important to
so many.
Current visuals of the project can be seen at:
Early test and some interviews can be seen at:
Other things he’s done can be seen at:
Inquiries and investors are welcome. Contact:
Yura Dashevsky, My New York Company

Ayn Rand Institute has an impact on public policy

Among the 59 op-eds the Ayn Rand Institute has gotten
printed in 2007 one of the most important was in the
Wall Street Journal on Nov. 20. It’s about The Law of the Sea.
“The impact of that op-ed has been extremly encouraging.
Both Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma and Sen. John Kyl of
Arizona have referenced Tom’s article” says ARI.
Here’s some of the beginning and the final paragraph:
“Deep-Six the Law of the Sea”, by Thomas A. Bowden
The Law of the Sea Treaty, which awaits a ratification vote
in the U.S. Senate, declares most of the earth’s vast ocean floor
to be “the common heritage of mankind” and places it under
United Nations ownership “for the benefit of mankind as
a whole.”
This treaty has been bobbing in the legislative ocean for the
past 25 years. After President Ronald Reagan refused to sign it
in 1982, repeated attempts at ratification have failed. Last
month, however, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
voted 17-4 to send it to the full Senate, where a two-thirds
majority is required to ratify.
What’s at stake are trillions of tons of vital minerals such
as manganese, nickel, copper, zinc, gold and silver — enough
to supply current needs for thousands of years — spread over
vast seabeds constituting 41% of the planet’s area. Senate
ratification would signify U.S. agreement that the International
Seabed Authority, a U.N. agency based in Jamaica, should
own these resources in perpetuity.
Why should we agree to this?…
….Governments today have legitimate options regarding
how to deal with undersea explorers’ need to establish property
rights in the deep ocean. But it would be totally improper for
America to declare eternal hostility to private property in the
ocean floor by ratifying a treaty dedicated on principle to
denying such rights.
You can read the complete op-ed at:
During 2007 many intellectuals from the Ayn Rand Institute
have spoken on national cable, mainly CNBC.
Every Wednesday afternoon, on Fox Business, Yaron Brook,
executive director of Ayn Rand Institute, offers an Objectivist
perspective on events in the news. He’s usually on between
2:00pm and 4:00pm eastern time.

Ayn Rand NYC history tours

Fred Cookinham does a series of tours related to both
Ayn Rand’s life in New York and her writing about the city.
His walking tours keep getting better, because his research
never stops. He often attends Junto.
You’ll find his tour schedule at:

Visit the Junto site at:

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