December 4, 2008 – Robert Bidinotto

December 4, 2008

  • Social interaction
  • Discussion of current issues and events
  • And a lively conversation with our featured speaker

Robert Bidinotto
former editor of The New Individualist,
the magazine of The Atlas Society

After 2008,
Does Individualism Have a Future?

“Who is Robert Bidinotto?”

“I’m an award-winning author, editor, and lecturer. Most recently, I was editor-in-chief of The New Individualist, a Washington-based monthly magazine of politics and culture. In 2007, I received the magazine industry’s top honor for editorial excellence?the Foliogold ‘Eddie’ Award?for my cover feature in the March 2007 issue, which examined factionalism in the conservative movement.

“While writing high-profile investigative pieces as a former Staff Writer for Reader’s Digest, I earned an international reputation as an authority on criminal justice and environmentalism. Perhaps most famous was my article ‘Getting Away with Murder’ in the July 1988 Reader’s Digest. That investigative piece stirred a national controversy about crime and prison furlough programs during the 1988 presidential campaign, and it is widely credited with having affected the outcome of the election. In 1989, the article was honored by the American Society of Magazine Editors as one of five finalists for the National Magazine Award for ‘Best Magazine Article of the Year in the Public Interest Category.’

“In 1995, I authored Criminal Justice? The Legal System vs. Individual Responsibility. With a foreword by John Walsh of the ‘America’s Most Wanted’ television show, my book garnered recognition from legal scholars, victims-rights groups, and law enforcement professionals. Two years later, I wrote Freed to Kill, a compendium of horror stories exposing the failings of the justice system.

“My many writings on environmental issues include investigative articles for Reader’s Digest on global warming and the 1989 Alar scare. My expos? of India’s ‘industrial policy’ as the cause of the Bhopal chemical disaster was reprinted in The Wall Street Journal, and my Alar article was singled out for editorial praise by Barron’s. I also authored a highly acclaimed monograph that critically examined the environmentalist philosophy and movement. I maintain a website on the topic of environmentalism, as well as a popular blog, where I comment on the issues of the day.

“My hundreds of articles, essays, columns, editorials, book and film reviews also have appeared in the Washington Times, theBoston HeraldSuccessThe American SpectatorCity Journal,ReasonWriter’s Digest, and many more publications. I was honored with the Free Press Association’s prestigious Mencken Award in 1985 for ‘Best Feature Story,’ and I’ve received recognitions from the National Victim Center and other victim-rights organizations for my outspoken public advocacy on behalf of crime victims.

“I’m a frequent public speaker, and I’ve appeared as a guest on scores of broadcast talk programs including ‘The Rush Limbaugh Show,’ CBS radio’s ‘Crosstalk,’ CNN’s ‘Sonya Live,’ ‘Geraldo,’ Air America’s ‘Thom Hartmann Show,’ ‘The Bob Grant Show,’ CNBC?s ‘Rivera Live,’ and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

“With my wife and our stridently individualistic cat, Luna, I make my home on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. In addition to my writing and editorial consulting work, I’m writing my first novel?a political thriller.”

Bidinotto last spoke at Junto in November 2006.

  • We gather at 7pm on the first Thursday of each month and begin our organized meeting around 7:30.
  • The featured speaker is normally introduced at about 8. The meeting continues until about 10.
  • Please note: Junto is not the usual sort of meeting with a long speech followed by Q & A. Invited speakers give a short presentation, and then are challenged to defend their assertions. Discussions are intense, but polite.

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Admission is free, and no reservation is necessary.

Junto focuses on libertarianism, Objectivism — the philosophy of Ayn Rand — and investing.

Our founder and host is Victor Niederhoffer, publisher (with Laurel Kenner) of Daily Speculations.


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