NYC Junto Newsletter – Nov. 19, 2009

November 19, 2009

* NEW Junto’s meeting Dec 3, 2009
* NEW Upcoming Junto meetings
* NEW “Fountainhead” popular in India, the drive for wealth
* NEW “Textbook of Americanism” by Ayn Rand
* NEW “Principled Leadership” by John Allison
* NEW Ayn Rand’s “We the Living” film, on DVD with extras
* NEW New York City Ayn Rand Meetup
* NEW Ayn Rand and NYC history tours
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* About this newsletter
Junto is a group that shares information
and discusses current issues…
plus presents speakers to talk with us:
Ira Stoll on his book
“Samuel Adams: A Life”

Thursday, Dec 3, 2009
Admission Free No reservation necessary

* We’ll socialize from 7:00pm.
* The meeting begins at ABOUT 7:30pm with
a discussion of current issues and events.
* The featured speaker is introduced at ABOUT 8:00pm.
* The meeting will continue to ABOUT 10:00pm.

General Society Library
20 West 44th Street, NYC
between 5th and 6th Avenues
near the Grand Central Terminal

4, 5, 6, 7, S to Grand Central — 42nd St.
B, D, F, V, 7 to 42nd Street — Sixth Ave. at Bryant Park
A, C, E, N, Q, R, S, W, 1, 2, 3, 7 to Times Square — 42nd St.
Bus: M6, M7, M10, M27, M42, M104

Please note:
Junto is not the usual sort of meeting with a long speech
followed by Q & A. Junto’s invited speakers give a short
presentation, and then are challenged to defend their assertions.
Discussions are intense, but polite. Participation by all
attendees is highly encouraged.

Junto has a meeting on the first Thursday of every month,
at the General Society Library, 20 West 44th Street, NYC,
between 5th and 6th Aves., near the Grand Central Terminal
The last Junto newsletter said Amity Shlaes would be the Dec.
speaker. She has a conflict in her schedule and will speak at
Junto Nov. 2010.
Ira Stoll will be speaking about his book “Samuel Adams:
A Life”:
Table of contents:
Prelude: “Pillar of Fire by Night”: 1777
Introduction: “Truly the Man of the Revolution”
“Born a Rebel”: 1722-1764
“Zealous in the Cause”: 1765-1769
Massacre: 1769-1773
Tea Party: 1773-1774
Congressman: 1774-1775
Lexington and Concord: 1775
Congressman, II: 1775-1779
Back to Massachusetts: 1779-1793
Governor: 1793-1797
Passing of the Patriarch: 1797 to the Present
Ira Stoll was vice president and managing editor of The
New York Sun, which he helped to found.
He has been a consultant to the editorial page of The Wall
Street Journal, an editor of the Jerusalem Post, managing
editor & DC correspondent of the Forward, editor of and a reporter for the Los Angeles Times.
From Wikipedia: The New York Sun’s managing editor
Ira Stoll had been a longtime critic of this policy of the
New York Times, as well as what he considered to be liberal
bias in Times reporting, in his media watchdog blog When became defunct,
its web traffic was redirected to the Sun website.
He’s a native of Massachusetts and a graduate of Harvard,
where he was president of the Harvard Crimson. He lives in
New York City.
He’s the editor and founder,
Goal: This Web site is created with the aim of helping readers
understand the world around them and saving them time by
gathering, processing, analyzing, and sharing news and
information about the future of capitalism, and for providing
a forum for comment and discussion on that topic.
Context: To oversimplify, but only modestly, when the
Soviet Union collapsed, the conventional wisdom was that
Communism and socialism were on the way out, and that
capitalism had won the debate. Economies would prosper.
Sure, there’d be some government regulation and some
complaints about income inequality and poverty, but basically
the big argument had been settled. Now, a financial downturn
— blown into a “crisis” in part by government regulators who
called it that and helped cause a panic — has made the
argument a live one all over again.
In America, the government is taking over banks, insurance
companies, and automobile manufacturers while also aiming
to increase its role in health care.
Are we sliding toward socialism? Would that be good or
bad, and why? This site aims to ventilate and illuminate these
questions by using detail and example.
These are the titles of two days of essays he’s posted:
Oil Until at Least 2030, 11/18/2009, 4:24pm
Government Ethics, 11/18/2009, 10:14am
A Rockefeller Reverse Robin-Hood, 11/18/2009, 10:02am
The Latest Immigration Research, 11/17/2009, 9:08pm
Risk, Reward, and Punting, 11/17/2009, 1:09pm
Review of The Great Money Binge:
Spending Our Way to Socialism, 11/17/2009, 12:19pm
Stimulus at Work, 11/17/2009, 11:10am
About that 50% tax rate…, 11/17/2009, 10:58am
Tax The Rich To Pay For Health Care, 11/17/2009, 10:41am
Another Brooks Beauty, 11/17/2009, 9:18am
This is the essay under: “Oil Until at Least 2030”
There may be good reasons to get off oil — environmental,
national security — but the notion that we are about to run out
of it suddenly and immediately isn’t one of them, according to
a new report from Cambridge Energy Research Associates.
Says the report: “frequent claims — that ‘half of global oil
reserves have been produced,’ ‘global reserves are not being
replaced on an annual basis,’ and ‘deepwater exploration is
essentially exhausted’ — are questionable.”
It goes on to explain that “Hydrocarbon liquids — crude
oil, condensate, extra heavy oil, and natural gas liquids — are
a finite resource; but based on recent trends in exploration and
appraisal activity, there should be more than an adequate
inventory of physical resources available to increase supply
to meet anticipated levels of demand” until 2030.
After that, “supply may well struggle to meet demand, but
an undulating plateau rather than a dramatic peak will likely
unfold….the view that oil supply will plummet after the
inflection point and oil will run out, like the gasoline in
an automobile, is misleading for the lay person.”
And you can read his tweets at:
Junto focuses on libertarianism, Objectivism and investing.
Our founder and host is Victor Niederhoffer. Visit his site at:
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Come to Junto:
* Jan. 7, 2010, Tom DiLorenzo, he’ll be speaking about his
new book “.Hamilton’s Curse: How Jefferson’s Arch Enemy
Betrayed the American Revolution–and What It Means for
Americans Today, will be out in paperback on Dec. 8, 2009.
It’s in hardbound and Kindle now.
* Feb. 4, 2010, Ayn Rand’s 105th birthday celebration
* March 4. 2010, Greg Rehmke
* May 6, 2010, Alex Tabarrok
* Nov. 4, 2010, Amity Shlaes, author of “The Forgotten Man:
A New History of the Great Depression”.
* Month to be announced, 2010, Part 2: Douglas B.
Rasmussen, Professor of Philosophy at St. John’s U.
Showing the film “Billy Budd” with two Q&A’s related
to it’s demonstration of law, liberty and moral responsibility.

“The Fountainhead” popular in India, the drive for wealth
Jennifer Burns, author of “Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand
and the American Right” has written an article about the
interest in Rand in India.
“Howard Roark in New Delhi: The surprising popularity of
a libertarian hero in India”:

“Textbook of Americanism” by Ayn Rand
These articles were written in 1946 for and appeared
originally in THE VIGIL, a publication of The Motion Picture
Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals, Beverly Hills,
The subject of these articles was limited to the sphere of
politics, for the purpose of defining and clarifying the basic
principles involved in political issues. The series is incomplete;
the twelve questions reprinted here were only the first third of
a longer project; the rest has remained unwritten.
It can be read at:

“Principled Leadership” by John Allison
A number of the critical problems we are facing today are
the result of failed leadership in all types of organizations.
In this talk, BB&T [bank] chairman and former CEO John
Allison outlines how the Objectivist virtues are the foundation
for principled leadership and organizational success.
He discusses how a corporate philosophy based on
Objectivism has been the fundamental source of BB&T’s
success, and shows how to communicate these virtues to
audiences with a wide variety of backgrounds.
Objectivists will benefit from improving their understanding
of how to use the virtues in their everyday lives, leading to
their personal success and happiness.
By grasping the practicality of the virtues, you will be able
to better convey the importance of these principles to
Mr. Allison has made this presentation to more than
100,000 individuals, including BB&T employees, business
and community leaders, and many college students.
This new CD is sold by The Ayn Rand Bookstore:

Ayn Rand’s “We the Living” film, on DVD with extras
Based on Rand’s novel, at last available on DVD. It was
produced in Italy during World War II, banned during its
original release, and long thought lost. Set in Russia during
the chaotic years following the Communist Revolution, it’s
a powerful love story on an epic scale.
Beautiful, strong-willed Kira (Alida Valli), an
engineering student, is torn between Leo (Rossano Brazzi),
a counter-revolutionary fugitive, and Andrei (Fosco Giachetti),
a disillusioned captain of the secret police.
The story centers on a forbidden love affair, deception and
betrayal. The heroic struggle to live one’s own life emerges as
the enduring and universal theme.
This Special Edition includes a bonus disc of special
features: scenes deleted from the original film, never before
seen by American audiences, the original ending and a new
35-minute documentary, narrated by Duncan Scott, detailing
it’s astonishing history and restoration.
The film was made is by the Italian Fascists who were
fighting against Soviet Russia and thought it would be
a good idea to approve an anti-Soviet film.
What they didn’t understand was that Rand wrote in
universals…and that the film had the potential to undermine
their own totalitarian regime. As the film was being shot, the
producers scrambled to hide controversial scenes from
government officials.
When it opened in Rome in 1942, the film’s story of three
young people courageously defying the state galvanized
audiences. A huge box-office success, the movie soon came
to be viewed as a sly indictment of the Mussolini regime.
The film was banned and ordered to be destroyed. But the
original negatives were secretly preserved and almost three
decades late, were rediscovered by Ayn Rand’s lawyers, Henry
Mark Holzer and Erika Holzer, and brought to America.
Rand personally supervised the restoration and re-editing
of the film.
In 1988, this restored version opened in theaters, playing
in 75 cities worldwide, to rave reviews.
Michael Medved called it “An amazing piece of cinema.
I loved every minute of it.” NY Newsday called it “A film
treasure…brilliantly blends glamour, romance, politics, intrigue
and danger.” The Seattle Post-Intelligencer: “A lush, romantic,
bigger-than-life epic filled with movie-star performances.”
Along with others, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer noted: “They
don’t make movies like We the Living anymore.”
It’s in Italian, English subtitles. This two-disc Special Edition
DVD set can be ordered for $39.95. Through Dec. 31, 2009,
shipping within the USA is free. Order it at:
The above official website also features clips from the
movie, still photos, screen credits, reviews and additional
background information.
The DVD is also available from, Laissez Faire
Books and the Ayn Rand Institute.

New York City Ayn Rand Meetup
Come on Sunday, Nov. 29, 2009 at 3:00pm.
Talk about Ayn Rand, her works, Objectivist life, challenges,
options, associations and knowledge. Give and take, open to
all, no charge, no reservations.
It’s at The Midtown Restaurant, 155 East 55 St., between
Third and Lexington Avenues, in Manhattan, free.
For those particularly interested in social gatherings see the
message board under the Objectivist Social Gatherings posted
and maintained by Lou Esposito.
Benny Pollack, Ayn Rand Meetup organizer says:
“Join our group of regular Objectivists for a lively discussion
on topics related to Ayn Rand and Objectivist philosophy
in general.
“Please join us. If you are already versed in the topic, want
to learn or just want to spend an intellectually stimulating
afternoon, please come. I hope to see you all there.”
The Ayn Rand Meetup is on the last Sunday of each month.
Learn more about it at:

Ayn Rand and NYC history tours
Fred Cookinham does a series of tours related to both
Ayn Rand’s life in New York and her writing about the city.
Both Anne C. Heller and Jennifer Berns, author’s of two
new book on Rand, have taken Fred’s tours.
His walking tours keep getting better, because his research
never stops. He’s often at Junto.
You’ll find his 2009 tour schedule at:
New 2009 tour: “Kensico Cemetery” See the graves of
Ayn Rand, Danny Kaye, Rachmaninoff, Tommy Dorsey and
others, flowers or the fall colors, in Westchester County’s
beautiful hills.
Highlights of 2008 and early 2009:
* Fred gave a special “Ayn Rand and Free Market Tour” to the
Mont Pelerin Society.
* You can hear Fred give his “Ayn Rand’s Park Avenue” tour
on BBC’s Radio 4 “The Right Stuff” on their site. It aired
* His 2005 book, “The Age of Rand: Imagining an Objectivist
Future World”, continues to generate attention in the
Objectivist blogosphere.
* He did a talk and book signing at the Queens County
Libertarian and Objectivist Party chapters.
* His 2006 interview on “Hardfire”– Ayn Rand Revealed,
continues to generate online hits. It’s for sale on Amazon
and many other places.
Fred answers questions about Ayn Rand’s life, loves,
philosophy, works, and influence. What are the differences
between helping a person and sacrificing for someone? When
is “volunteering” not voluntary?
Fred is interviewed by Joseph Dobrian, then Chair of the
Manhattan Libertarian Party.
You can watch part of it at:

NYC Junto on Facebook
At the April 2009 Junto Michael Hussey told us he’d
created a Facebook page for NYC Junto. He encourages
people to join.
The public URL for the group:
Would you like to volunteer to manage it? Respond to this
email to get more information.

Visit the Junto site at:
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