NYC Junto Newsletter – March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011


* Junto meeting April 7
* NEW Junto speakers through Dec. 2011
* NEW “Atlas Shrugged — Part 1”, movie opens Fri. April 15th
groups attend, reviews, the music, actions to help
* NEW Junto in the Wall Street Journal
* NEW Objectivist at Fashion Week in NYC
* NEW NYOS has events planned for the year
* NEW Cato, NYC Seminar, Fri., Apr. 8, Waldorf=Astoria
* NEW Film site about liberty
* NEW “Atlas Shrugged” a bestseller at 57 years old
* NEW Randex: latest news and commentary on Ayn Rand
* NEW NYC Ayn Rand Meetup Mar. 27
* NEW Rand walking tour starts day after “Atlas” film opens
* NEW NYC Junto sites
* NYCjunto-discuss list
* About this newsletter
Junto is a group that shares information
and discusses current issues…
plus presents speakers to talk with us:

Greg Rehmke
Global Cities vs. Nation-States
for Free and Prosperous Societies

Thursday, April 7
Admission Free        No reservation necessary

* We’ll socialize from 7:00pm.
* The meeting begins at ABOUT 7:30pm with
a discussion of current issues and events.
* The featured speaker is introduced at ABOUT 8:00pm.
* The meeting will continue to ABOUT 10:00pm.

General Society Library,
20 West 44th Street, bet. 5th & 6th Aves., NYC
near the Grand Central Terminal

Subway: 4, 5, 6, S to Grand Central — 42nd St.
B, D, F, 7 to 42nd Street — Sixth Ave. at Bryant Park
A, C, E, N, Q, R, S, 1, 2, 3 to Times Square — 42nd St.

Bus: M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M42, M98, M101, M102, M104, Q32

Train: MTA Metro-North Railroad to Grand Central

Some private parking facilities in the area. Parking on
side streets is metered, limited to specific days and times.

Please note:
Junto is not the usual sort of meeting with a long speech
followed by Q & A. Junto’s invited speakers give a short
presentation and are challenged to defend their assertions.
Discussions are intense, but polite. Participation by all
attendees is highly encouraged.
Junto meets on the first Thursday of every month, at the
General Society Library, 20 West 44th Street, NYC,
between 5th & 6th Aves., near Grand Central Terminal
“Global Cities vs. Nation-States
for Free and Prosperous Societies”
Cities not states encourage associations, enrich society and
grow the world economy.
People gathering together in cities create gains from trade,
gains from specialization and division of labor, and gains from
cross-fertilizing society, technologies and enterprises.
Successful cities need not be as big or as prosperous as New
York City, Boston, London, Singapore or Tokyo, but they do
require economic freedom to maneuver around entrenched elites.
Trade among charter cities and cross-border organizations
enabled Europe’s two industrial revolutions.
But war among nation-states destroyed much of Europe’s
Today’s fast-growing global cities and advanced communication
infrastructure are allowing hundreds of millions more to escape
rural poverty, develop skills and add their enterprise to the
world economy.
Charter cities notes:

Gregory F. Rehmke is program director for Economic Thinking and
program consultant for the Foundation for Economic Education.
He’s directed educational programs for high school, homeschool
and college students for many years. Also programs for Reason
Foundation, Center for the American Idea and the Foundation for
Economic Education. He’s worked with Institute for Humane Studies
and Center for the American Idea.
Since the 1980s he’s written over 100 articles on many subjects,
resource books, study guides and newsletters focused the economic
aspects of high school and homeschool debate topics.
He speaks at student programs for Grassroot Institute and
Independent Institute. His economics degree is from U. of Wash.
He’s a member of Mackinac Center Board of Scholars and has
written on environmental topics for the newsletter of Property and
Environment Research Center, Bozeman, MT.
He’s done presentations on various public policy issues. He’s
done them on economic topics to teachers at workshops for U.
Interscholastic League, Houston World Affairs Council, Dallas
Federal Reserve Bank and others.
Since 2003 he’s spoken at Institute for Economic Studies-Europe
Seminars for college students in Bulgaria and France.
He’s had articles in, The Freeman, Reason.
And is coauthor of “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Global Economics”.
He often posts on Victor Niederhoffer’s site. His March 10th post
“Street Life in New York City and in Cities Around the World” is at:
Some of his other posts at the same site:
“On the 10 Most Hated Companies”
“On Feasts and Famines”
“Bacteria and Markets”
“More on Dead Weight Loss”
“Hidden Stab Wounds in Markets”
“How Unemployment Benefits”
Read some of his other articles at his site:
Junto focuses on libertarianism, Objectivism and investing.
Our founder and host is Victor Niederhoffer. Visit his site at:
Visit has other information such as past Junto
speakers, though it isn’t up to date on events. Sign up there for
Junto e-newsletter for upcoming speakers, events & information.
Please em­ail the above text to your freedom loving friends
who might be interested in Junto.
Feel free to use the above text to promote Junto among
libertarians, Objectivists and investors.

Come to Junto, upcoming speakers:
* May 5, Douglas Rasmussen, prof. philosophy, St. John’s U.
“Check Your Premises”, defenders of liberty grant their
opponents a crucial premise, that the aim of government
is to assist people in attaining their well-being. But what
justifies this premise?
Learn more about him at:
* June 2, Todd Seavey, conservatism for punks: and his articles at
* July 7, NEW DATE — Tyler Cowen
* Aug. 4, Dr. Gary Jason, contributing editor “Liberty”
magazine, businessman, philosophy teacher and writer.
* Sept. 1, Richard Epstein
* Oct. 6, Janine R. Wedel, prof. public policy, George Mason U.
Her most recent book, “Confronting Corruption, Building
Accountability: Lessons from the World of International
Development Advising”.
* Nov. 3, Kathryn Schultz, author “Being Wrong”. What it
means to be in error. Why people tend to assume they’re
right about most everything. Error is a fundamental human
condition and should be celebrated.
Dec. 1, David Friedman,

“Atlas Shrugged — Part 1”, the movie opens Fri.  April 15th
* Manhattan groups gathering:
– New York Objectivist Society, NYOS of Andrew Bernstein says
for Fri. Apr. 15th: “We could all meet in front of the movie theater
by 6:30pm for a 7:00pm show. After the movie we could go for
drinks and talk about the movie.” Regal Union Square Movie
Theater, 850 Broadway between 13th and 14th Sts:
– Earlier The NYC Ayn Rand Meetup announced a meetup Fri.
Apr. 15th, 7pm showing, Regal Union Square Movie Theater,
850 Broadway between 13th and 14th Sts, but that isn’t visible
on the site now:
– Order Fandango tkts for Regal Union Square at:
* First review by someone who hasn’t read the book: Tim
Cavanaugh and Brian Doherty of Reason Magazine discuss the
movie. Cavanaugh who hasn’t read the novel, saw the movie, says,
“I thought it was a good movie. I think it is salable….classic novel
people have been talking about for years….about the government
getting involved and fixing stuff up for connected players, and
somebody fighting back against that….” The discussion of the
movie begins about 9:42 at:
* Prominent federal judge is fan of “Atlas Shrugged” film:
* Yaron Brook’s first comments on the “Atlas Shrugged” movie,
Mar. 12th. The Ayn Rand Institute hadn’t previously commented
on the movie. In this video ARI Pres. Yaron Brook discusses his
reactions to and hopes for the movie:
* Hear the John Galt theme from the movie, with stills from it:
* Call to action from David Kelley and Edward Hudgins:
We urge all donors and friends of The Atlas Society to help make
it a success. It was made as an independent project. It doesn’t have
a major studio to promote and distribute it. While independence
gave the producers freedom to create a true adaptation of Ayn Rand’s
great novel, it also makes distribution a bootstrap operation.
For the opening weekend, April 15-17, the producers are booking
the film into twelve major target markets — Boston, New York,
Philadelphia, DC, Miami, Nashville, Chicago, Dallas, Denver,
Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles [about 55 theaters so far.]
With a good turnout that first weekend, theaters showing the film
will extend its run and theaters in other markets will be more likely
to book the film for the weeks that follow.
Both of us have seen the film at advance screenings. We can
say without reservation that it is not only true to the novel in plot
and theme, but also a beautiful, powerful film in its own right.
Here are five steps you can take now to make a difference:
1) Purchase advanced tickets. They’re an indication of demand.
Everyone’s watching. Let’s sell out early. Buy here:
If you’d like to purchase a block of tickets or hold a “special
event” at a theater playing the film, contact the film’s producers:
2) Go to:
then sign up for the newsletter. That’s the most efficient way for
the producers to send you news and information.
3) Promote the film through Facebook. [Interact with as many parts
of it as you can at]:
4) Spread the word, make some noise. Word of mouth is way to
get interest in seeing the movie. Email information about the film
to people in your email address book. Engage in online discussions
…Tell people in your work place and community about the film,
especially if you’re engaged with Tea Party activists, political
coalitions and the like. Have a family night at the movies. Buy
merchandise…the movie site’s now selling t-shirts, coffee mugs,
mouse pads and more.
* Official film stuff to buy:
and other Atlas related logo items:

Junto in the Wall Street Journal
“Barry Colvin Raises Funds for Ayn Rand Institute Outpost
in New York”, by Shelly Banjo, WSJ, Feb. 24, 2011
Forget tea leaves: Wall Street is turning to Ayn Rand for
Hedge-fund manager Barry Colvin has raised $60,000 to
start a Greater New York outpost of the Ayn Rand Institute, the
first chapter in the country for the Irvine, Calif.-based nonprofit
dedicated to the late free-market philosopher and novelist.
“The idea is on-the-ground reconnaissance,” said Mr. Colvin,
vice chairman of Chicago-based Balyasny Asset Management.
Mr. Colvin contributed the bulk of the funds but rallied donors
for the rest….
As a kick-off, Mr. Colvin will co-host a series of debates next
month on freedom, government and capitalism with Demos, a
public-policy research and advocacy group based in New York.
Rand has long had a place on the bookshelves of New York’s
financial set.
In 1985, former hedge fund manager Victor Niederhoffer
started New York City Junto, a monthly meeting he continues
to lead in Midtown Manhattan that focuses on libertarianism,
objectivism and investing. Every year the group marks Rand’s
birthday with a special tribute. Mr. Niederhoffer even named
his third daughter Rand.
In a nod to Rand’s philosophies on free markets, capitalism
and independence, more than a dozen hedge funds and financial
companies have included Atlas, Roark and Fountainhead in their
names. Meanwhile, the New York City Ayn Rand Group Monthly
Meetup that started in 2003 now boasts nearly 500 members.
“Ayn Rand has a disproportionate number of fans in the finance
community,” said Yaron Brook, the president and executive director
of the Ayn Rand Institute. “Part of what attracts them to finance
and hedge funds — independence, a sense of real capitalism and
productivity — is why they find Rand’s ideas attractive.”…
The complete article:

Objectivist at Fashion Week in NYC
By Anisha Lakhan, Huffington Post, Feb. 24, 2011
Chris Del Gatto is jewelry’s Golden Boy, responsible for creating
the first ever luxury brand on the buy side of the jewelry industry,
and establishing CIRCA as the largest global buyer of jewelry from
the public.
He’s not even forty. He also owns a polo team (a sport he picked
up a few years back and now holds championship titles in)….
Del Gatto makes no pretenses; he’s a Lower East Side kid with
a dream he accessorized with education and persistence….
On to more serious topics — religion? “I am an objectivist,” he
states seriously, referencing his favorite author Ayn Rand. “Virtue
of Selfishness, Fountainhead, you name it. I’ve read them all.
“But Atlas Shrugged. That is the masterpiece. I keep going back
to it. It’s… well, it’s spectacular.”…
A modern day John Galt, Chris Del Gatto established a veritable
Galt’s Gulch during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week….
The complete article with photos is at:

NYOS has events planned for the year
Andrew Bernstein’s group has many social events planned at:

Cato, NYC Seminar, Fri., Apr. 8, Waldorf=Astoria
11:00am to 2:00pm luncheon, $75 per person, $525 table of 8
Speakers: Walter Olson, Law Schools and the Road to Serfdom
Michael Cannon, Obamacare: What a Difference a Year Makes
Tad DeHaven, State of the Federal Budget
Charles Murray, Coming Good News about Market Forces & Education

Film site about liberty
LibertyFlix is a collection of films about Liberty, a most
fundamental human right.
Understanding how freedom’s been lost, how it has been
restored, and how it can be fostered, all add to the potential
to keep freedom alive.
Libertyflix makes available works of many great and talented
artists who’ve created films about freedom:

“Atlas Shrugged” a bestseller at 57 years old
As I write this its Amazon bestseller rank is 147 of all books
they’re selling. It’s 10th on the fiction political bestseller list, 12th
on the fiction classics bestseller list and 56th on the fiction literary
bestseller list.

Randex: latest news & commentary on Ayn Rand & Objectivism
Randex collects English-language online media references to
Ayn Rand and her philosophy Objectivism.
Its database of begins in Feb. 2005. The main source for articles
is news search engines such as Google and there’s also a Twitter

NYC Ayn Rand Meetup Mar. 27
Come join us this Sunday, 3:00pm.
As always, we’ll talk about Ayn Rand, her works, challenges,
Objectivist life, options, associations and knowledge.
Give and take, open to all, no charge, no reservations. It’s at
The Midtown Restaurant, 155 East 55 St, between 3rd and
Lexington Avenues, in Manhattan, free.
Benny Pollack, Ayn Rand Meetup organizer says: “Join our
group of regular Objectivists for a lively discussion on topics
related to Ayn Rand and Objectivist philosophy in general.
“Please join us. If you are already versed in the topic, want
to learn or just want to spend an intellectually stimulating
afternoon, please come. I hope to see you all there.”
The Ayn Rand Meetup is on the last Sunday of each month.
Learn more about it at:

Ayn Rand, new walking tour starts day after Atlas film opens
The film opens April 15th. Fred Cookinham has a new tour
beginning the next day, Sat., April 16th. It’s one of a set of two.
Tour one: “Atlas Shrugged Tour” from the Waldorf=Astoria
to and through Grand Central Terminal.
Tour two: “Ayn Rand’s Park Avenue Tour” from Grand Central
to Two Park Avenue.
All Ayn Rand tours are related to both her life in NYC and her
writings about the city.

* Tour one: “Atlas Shrugged Tour” 1-1/2 hour
11:00am, meet at SE corner Park Ave. and east 50th St.
See places Rand researched and fictionalized in the novel,
around and in Grand Central Terminal
Sat. Apr 16, Sat. Apr. 23. Sun. Apr. 24, Sat. May 28, Sun. May 29,
Sat. July 23, Sun., July 24, Sat. Nov. 5, Sun. Nov. 6

* Tour two: “Ayn Rand’s Park Avenue Tour” 1-1/2 hour
11:00am, meet at NE corner on east 42nd St. at Vanderbilt Ave.
Where Rand lived and held her salons. Where she learned about
architecture from Ely Jacques Kahn, in his own masterpiece
Art Deco building. Scenes from “Atlas Shrugged”.
Sat. Apr. 2, Sat. Apr. 9, Sun. Apr. 10, Sat. Apr.30,
Sun. May 1, Sat. June 11, Sat. Oct. 1
EVERY Wed. 6:00pm, meet at NE corner on east 42nd St. at
Vanderbilt Ave.
From this Wed. through Sept. 28.

“Skyscrapers of The Fountainhead” 2-1/2 hours
11:00am, meet at Number 1 Broadway, at Battery Place.
The changing styles in architecture — from Beaux Arts to
Art Deco to International Style — that form the background to
the story of Roark’s struggle. Was Roark Wright? — the real-life
models for Rand’s characters.
Sat. July 16, Sun. July 17, Sat. Aug. 27,
Sun. Aug. 28, Sat. Nov. 19, Sun. Nov. 20

“Ayn Rand on Broadway” 2-1/2 hours
11:00am, meet at NE corner of Broadway and west 49th St.
Skyscrapers, newspapers, Broadway & books. DeMille, Hellman
and where Alan Greenspan played sax. Where “The Night of
January 16th,” “The Unconquered” and “Think Twice” were
produced. Isabel Paterson at the Herald Tribune. Patricia Neal,
the Shuberts, the Gershwins and of course more Art Deco.
Sat. Aug. 13, Sun. Aug. 14

“Ayn Rand’s Fifth Avenue” 2-1/2 hours
11:00am, meet at the Columbus statue in Columbus Circle,
within the circle of fountains at Broadway and 59th St.
Art and architecture in the glamour shopping district of the
Twentieth Century world. Central Park So., Rockefeller Center,
the Stork Club and where Random House published “Atlas
Shrugged”. Where Rand bought her paintings, clothes and
fancy dinners.
Sat., Sep. 24, Sun. Sep. 25

For a private tour by Fred Cookinham, some Saturdays, Sundays
and evenings are open. Call the phone number at the bottom of
Fred Cookinham’s walking tours keep getting better,
because he never stops researching. He’s often at Junto and
Ayn Rand Meetups.
$20, 65 and older $15. Schedule, directions, other NYC tours:

Highlights of previous years * Fred gave special “Ayn Rand &
Free Market Tour” for Mont Pelerin Society. * Hear Fred give
“Ayn Rand’s Park Ave”. on BBC’s Radio 4 “The Right Stuff” on
their site. * His interview on “Hardfire” Ayn Rand Revealed, at
Amazon & other places. Answers questions on Rand’s life, loves,
philosophy, works & influence. Differences between helping a
person & sacrificing, when’s “volunteering” not voluntary? Fred’s
interviewer then Chair Manhattan Libertarian Party, Joseph Dobrian.
Watch part:

* Junto’s Meetup site. Schedule:
* Junto’s regular site isn’t up to date yet, but will be active soon.
Now this newsletter’s the best place to learn of upcoming speakers. has for links to past Junto speakers, kindred events,
organizations, publications and sites, plus Junto’s origin and reason
for being.
* Junto on Facebook:

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