June 2011

July 7, 2011 – Fred Cookinham and Tyler Cowen

June 26, 2011

Contents NEW Junto meeting July 7 NEW upcoming speakers Visit NYCjunto.com New York City Ayn Rand Meetup June 26 NYCjunto-discuss list About this newsletter Junto is a group that shares information and discusses current issues… plus presents speakers to talk with us: Fred Cookinham will do a reading of the scene  between Rearden and Ragnar from Part […]

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NYC Junto Newsletter

June 18, 2011

Contents * NEW Junto meeting July 7 * Visit NYCjunto.com * NEW “Tyler Cowen, America’s Hottest Economist” * NEW “India’s Voluntary City” * NEW Thomas Woods, C-Span 2, “Repealing Big Government” * NEW Cliffsnotes “Atlas Shrugged” free, Eddie Willers Story * NEW Victor Neiderhoffer’s Atlas statue * NEW “Atlas Shrugged Part 2” hits the web […]

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