Junto Newsletter – June 2013; no Junto in July but lots to do and read

June 22, 2013

* No Junto meeting in July
* NEW Junto meeting Aug. 1
* Upcoming Junto speakers through Dec.
* NEW Celebrate American Independence Day, July 4th 
* NEW Article about John Mackey at June Junto, Barron's site
* NEW "Atlas Shrugged" Reading Group, Sat., June 22, 3:00pm
* NEW NYC Ayn Rand Meetup, Sun., June 23, 3:00pm
* NEW On the horizon, five reasons to smile, by Tyler Cowen
* NEW 5th annual NYC Atlas Shrugged Revolution Dinner 
* NEW Myth of Gatsby's suffering middle class, Amity Shlaes
* NEW Junto regular, Marty Reisman, still in the news
* NEW "Subconscious" military mystery movie to begin filming  
* NEW Objectivist Summer Conference 2013 is livestreaming
* NEW "Freedom Bridge" cold war thriller by Erika Holzer
* NEW How Adam Smith revived America's oil patch
* NEW Fox News defends free speech with moral clarity
* NEW Homeschooling family shows children can learn more 
* NEW 2012: Ayn Rand sells a million books in one year, again
* NEW What Smithfield means -- The shape of things to come
* NEW Will Obama ask Xi Jinping how to spy on citizens?
* NEW What does selfishness mean
* NEW Ed Thompson, often at Junto, launches career in realty
* NEW Students for Liberty, dedicated to freedom
* NEW "Atlas" & other Rand novels, student Reading Projects  
* Free market and Objectivist groups and sites
* Fred Cookinham's five Ayn Rand walking tours
* Read and post to the Junto sites
* About this Junto newsletter

July 4, no Junto, celebrate Independence Day on your own. 

Junto is a group that shares information,
discusses current issues and presents speakers

Tyler Cowen, subject to be announced. 

Thursday, Aug. 1

Admission Free -- no reservation necessary
* We'll socialize from 7:00pm to 7:30pm 
* 7:30pm moderator, Gene Epstein calls first for announcements 
    of things happening before the next Junto. Then other 
    announcements and for people introducing themselves.
* The speaker will begin promptly at 8:00pm. 
* Most speakers will present their thoguhts in several sections. 
    Each section will have audience questions, discussions and 
    rebuttal of the speaker's points. 
* Discussions are intense but polite.
* The meeting will continue to 10:00pm or later.

General Society Library 
20 West 44 St., between 5th and 6th Aves., NYC
near the Grand Central Terminal

* Junto meets on the first Thursday of every month 
    (except this July.)
* Participation by all attendees is highly encouraged.
* 60 to 120 people attend most Juntos.

Tyler Cowen, writer, general director/professor, economics, 
Center for Study of Public Choice, George Mason U. 
    He ranked 72nd "for finding markets in everything," 2011,
Foreign Policy Magazine "Top 100 Global Thinkers." 
    Some of his books are: 
2013: "An Economist Gets Lunch: 
    New Rules for Everyday Foodies," 
2011: "The Great Stagnation: How America Ate All the 
    Low-Hanging Fruit of Modern History, Got Sick,
    and Will (Eventually) Feel Better"  
    "Risk and Business Cycles: 
    New and Old Austrian Perspectives"
2010: "Good and Plenty: 
    The Creative Successes of American Arts Funding" 
2009: "Create Your Own Economy: 
    The Path to Prosperity in a Disordered World" 
    "Creative Destruction" 
    "Modern Principles: Macroeconomics" with Alex Tabarrok 
2008: "Discover Your Inner Economist: 
    Use Incentives to Fall in Love, Survive Your Next Meeting, 
    and Motivate Your Dentist"
2005: "Markets and Cultural Voices: 
    Liberty vs. Power in the Lives of Mexican Amate Painters" 
2004: "Market Failure or Success: The New Debate" 
    with Eric Crampton
    "Creative Destruction: 
    How Globalization Is Changing the World's Cultures"  
2002: "What Price Fame?" 
2000: "In Praise of Commercial Culture" 
    "Economic Welfare" 
1991: "Public Goods and Market Failures: 
    A Critical Examination"
1988: "The Theory of Market Failure: A Critical Examination" 
    He posts to his blog many times a day: http://tiny.cc/MRblog 
    His food blog: http://tiny.cc/ETHNICdining 
    His Tweets: https://twitter.com/tylercowen
    His bio and books at Amazon: http://tiny.cc/CowenBioBooks

* The Junto Forum, read & post here: http://tiny.cc/JuntoForum
* Visit Junto's site for information on current & past speakers,
    to read previous newsletters and to sign up for the Junto 
    e-newsletter: www.NYCjunto.com 
* Visit Junto on Facebook: on.fb.me/JuntoNYC 
* Follow Junto on Twitter: twitter.com/NYCJunto
Junto focuses on free markets, Objectivism and investing.
Our founder and host is Victor Niederhoffer. 
    Visit his site at: DailySpeculations.com
Please email the above text to your freedom loving friends 
who might be interested in Junto.
    Feel free to use the above text to promote Junto among 
free marketers, Objectivists and investors.

Come to Junto, meet these upcoming speakers:

* July 4, no Junto, celebrate Independence Day on your own. 

* Sept. 5, Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, speaking on "Freedom 
    Watch." Fox News sr. judicial analyst. Lectures nationally 
    on U.S. Constitution, rule of law, civil liberties in wartime 
    and freedom. Had "Freedom Watch" TV show on Fox News. 
    His site: JudgeNap.com 

* Oct. 3, David Stockman speaking about his book "The Great 
    Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America."
    Former businessman, US congressman and budget director 
    under Ronald Reagan.

* Nov. 7, Charles Calomiris speaking about his book 
    "Fragile by Design: Banking Crises, Scarce Credit, and 
    Political Bargains." Columbia U. professor financial 
    institutions. Task Force on Property Rights at Hoover Inst., 
    co-directs Project on Financial Deregulation at American 
    Enterprise Institute. His blog: http://tiny.cc/CCblog 
    and his bio: http://tiny.cc/CCbio

* Dec. 5 Victor Niederhoffer, speaking on " Deception in 
    markets and life." Founder of the NYC Junto. These are 
    two of his entries on deception at his site: 
    http://tiny.cc/VN  &  http://tiny.cc/VicN 
    Visit his site: DailySpeculations.com

Celebrate American Independence Day, July 4th 
    Sponsored by NY Objectivist/ NY Heros.
July 4, Thur., 4:00pm at northeast corner, Union Square Park. 
It's at Park Ave. South and 17th St. which is also called 
Union Square East, Manhattan 
    On July 4th celebrate Independence Day by reading the 
Declaration of Independence at the flagpole in Union Square 
Park. The words are engraved on the base of the flagpole.
    After that enjoy some of the heroic statues in the park, 
including George Washington and Lafayette.
    Then eat at a restaurant nearby. After that head towards the 
Hudson River to watch the fireworks display.
    From "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand:
"Independence is the only gauge of human virtue and value. 
What a man is and makes of himself; not what he has or 
hasn't done for others."
    This NY Objectivists/NY Heros site says "hero" stands for:
    Human life
    Objective reality
The site is sponsored by two fellows who often attend Junto. 
To see them, sign up and to learn who else is coming, go to: 

Article about John Mackey at June Junto on Barron's site
    Whole Foods' CEO John Mackey on "Rebranding Capitalism"
"...Last Thursday, Mackey was invited by hedge fund manager 
Victor Niederhoffer to address a generally like-minded crowd 
of libertarians about his book. At the General Society Library 
in New York City (20 West 44th Street), Niederhoffer held his 
NYC Junto, an event which has been running on the first 
Thursday of the month since 1985. Upcoming meetings will 
host former Reagan budget director David Stockman and 
Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano. The 
discussions are moderated by Barron’s Economics editor 
Gene Epstein followed by a Q&A.
    "Upon entering the library’s ground floor, I was greeted by a 
table littered with libertarian materials ranging from discussions 
of Rand and Hayek to a publication called The Gold Standard 
Now. As the elusive audience of young professionals donned 
in smart suits and silver haired baby boomers filtered into the 
library, the lively group intermingled before everyone took 
their seats. The 200-some-odd [I counted twice, we were 150] 
packed crowd, with a few people standing in the back, 
applauded Mackey as the casually dressed CEO was invited to 
the stage. Mackey defended his book against tough questioning 
with Epstein keenly easing into the CEO, first congratulating 
him on a favorable debate with Milton Friedman in 2005 
before digging deeply into a Powerpoint of his misgivings...." 
    Read the rest at: http://tiny.cc/JuntoBarrons

"Atlas Shrugged" Reading Group, Sat., June 22, 3:00pm
    A chapter a month. New York Objectivist Society
    3:00pm to 5:00pm
    (normally third Sat. of month but on fourth Sat. this month)  
    120 Park Ave., SW corner 42nd St. alt. entrance on 42nd St. 
    It's a public space with tables and chairs. 
Part III: A is A, Chapter 5: Their Brothers' Keepers 
    This is the 25th chapter of this 30 chapter book.
There's a $5 fee to attend. It's given to the Ayn Rand Inst. 
to give Rand's novels to high schoolers and home schoolers.  
    The reading group has only one rule: you can't integrate or 
refer to material in the text that hasn't been covered yet by the 
present discussion.
    Please read the chapter in advance in preparation for
the discussion.
    Moderator Robert Begley will give an analysis of each scene, 
then open to comments and questions, before going to the next 
scene. Ending with a discussion of the chapter title's meaning.
    Time frame -- beginning on September 2
1. Dagny: dealing  with copper shortages, and Meigs policy. 
    With Jim and the Railroad Unification Plan.
2. d’Anconia nationalized, and destroyed. Jim Taggart's reaction.
3. Dagny dinner with Rearden. Francisco's parting message.
4. Rearden: with government officials. Phillip asks for a job. 
    The Wet Nurse asks for a job. Divorce.
5. Minneapolis catastrophe.
6. Dagny: dinner meeting with leaders. Dealing with Taggart
   Terminal outage. Underground terminal with John Galt.
We will read aloud the scene with Dagny and Galt.
    Read about the group here:


NYC Ayn Rand Meetup, Sun., June 23, 3:00pm
    As always, we'll talk about Ayn Rand, her works, challenges, 
Objectivist life, options, associations and knowledge.
    Give and take, open to all, no charge, no reservations.
It's at The Midtown Restaurant, 155 East 55 St., between
3rd and Lexington Avenues, mid-block on the north side
of 55th St., in Manhattan, free.
    There are usually one to two dozen people at each Meetup.
Benny Pollack, Ayn Rand Meetup organizer, says:"Join our
group of regular Objectivists for a lively discussion on topics
related to Ayn Rand and Objectivist philosophy in general.
    "Please join us. If you are already versed in the topic, want
to learn or just want to spend an intellectually stimulating
afternoon, please come. I hope to see you all there."
    Normally the Ayn Rand Meetup is on the last Sun. of each 
month. This month is an exception, it's the Sun. before the last:


On the horizon, five reasons to smile, by Tyler Cowen
    Aug. Junto speaker, his Economic View column, NY Times
"The state of the economy is far from ideal, but some very 
definite positives are brewing. It’s not just that we are continuing 
to recover from a deep recession; we are also seeing signs that 
America’s long-term future may be looking up, too.
    "...The nation’s high school graduation rate has risen...After 
decades of stagnation, the graduation rate started to turn up 
in 2000, and the growth has been robust for more than a decade.   
    "...a trend toward less expensive education and certification. 
The examples are numerous: the Khan Academy offers free 
online instruction in mathematics and other topics, and 
Coursera and other companies have popularized online 
courses for millions of users.
    "...The growth rate in health care costs has been slowing for 
the last four years....much of the change appears driven by 
efficiencies, rather than by the recent recession....
    "...We appear to be at the start of a new era of cheap energy. 
Through advances in both oil and natural gas production, the 
U.S. is again becoming a leading exporter of fossil fuels....
    "...the number of innovative young people worldwide has 
never been higher. Countries like China, India, Brazil and 
Russia, despite recent slowdowns in growth, still are making 
progress in improving their educational systems and scientific 
networks. That increases their ability to supply technological 
innovations -- or scientists and entrepreneurs -- to the U.S....
    Read the rest at: http://tiny.cc/CowenSmile

5th annual NYC Atlas Shrugged Revolution Dinner 
to benefit the Ayn Rand Institute.
    Thur., Sept. 26, St. Regis Hotel, 2 E. 55th St., NYC 
    * Ken Moelis, founder, CEO Moelis & Co., global investment 
bank to corporations, institutions and governments.  
    He was at UBS, 2001 to 2007. President UBS Investment 
Bank and previously Joint Global Head of Investment Banking. 
He was at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette 1990 to 2000. Head of 
corporate finance. Serves U. Penn. Board of Trustees, Wharton 
Board of Overseers, Board Tourette Syndrome Assoc., Board 
of Governors Cedars Sinai. Undergrad degree, MBA Wharton.
    * Yaron Brook, pres, exec. dir. Ayn Rand Institute, author. 
Former finance professor and businessman.
    6:00 to 7:00pm reception, 7:00 to 9:00pm dinner & program
Live auction proceeds to benefit Ayn Rand Institute. 
    Tickets $1,000, Table Sponsorships begin at $10,000. 
Learn more and register: https://events.aynrand.org/new_york

The myth of Gatsby’s suffering middle class, by Amity Shlaes
    This is from a Junto speaker's op-ed in the NY Times
"...In 1920, 35% of households had electricity. By 1930, [it] 
was 68%. Electricity brought appliances into homes, including 
electric irons and washing machines. The old drudgery was 
reduced; women began to enjoy free time. They could even 
fool around with another great innovation, the typewriter. In 
short, being stuck in the middle class became more enjoyable 
in the 1920s...." Read all of it at: http://tiny.cc/FreeTime

Junto regular, Marty Reisman, still in the news
    "The fight to save ping pong," article in the Wall St. Journal
tells about what's been going on since his recent death.
    "...Rec room historians love to tell the tale of Marty Reisman, 
the skinny Jewish kid from Manhattan's Lower East Side who 
entered that year's Table Tennis World Championships in 
Bombay as the front-runner. Standing in Reisman's way was 
the little-known Japanese player Hiroji Satoh, who used an
 unorthodox paddle fashioned with spongy rubber on each side. 
Unlike the hard, sandpaper-sided paddles of the day, the sponge 
allowed Satoh to manipulate the ball with vicious spins, 
flummoxing his opponents. With his competitive advantage, 
Satoh handily beat Reisman en route to the world title....
    "In the months since Reisman's death, his hardbat movement 
has gained steam in ping pong bars and professional table-tennis 
halls across the world. This past January, veteran English sports 
promoter Barry Hearn organized the World Championships of 
Ping Pong at the Alexandra Palace in London. The stock-car 
style tournament forced players to use sandpaper paddles...."
    Read the rest at: http://tiny.cc/MartyPaddle

"Subconscious" a military mystery movie to begin filming  
    This feature film is now in production, of special interest 
to anyone who served in the military, or who admires the 
courageous people in the U.S. Armed Forces.
    Naomi Brockwell is in the cast. She's performed twice at
Junto and often attends.
    The story, though fiction, is inspired by true events. Set in
present day, a history professor at U.S. Naval War College, is 
searching for facts behind the disappearance of his grandfather, 
submarine commander World War II. He and his team learn
the truth goes deeper than anyone imagined.
    Much will be filmed on the real WWII submarine the U.S.S. 
Lionfish. With the help of Battleship Cove Museum, Mass. and 
the Naval War College, RI, it will be shot over a 2 weeks in 
August and released spring 2014.   
    25% of all profits will be donated to military causes, 
including Wounded Warriors, Battleship Cove Museum 
and other veterans' organizations.
    Writer/directed Georgia Hilton, MPEG, MPSE, independent 
producer with 15+ years' experience in film, TV, commercial 
work. She's 4th generation military. 
    She said: "My main inspiration was my family and my own 
Navy background....My dream was to create a suspenseful 
submarine film that all audiences will enjoy, and dedicate 
it to our veterans. Much of the cast and crew are vets..."
    To raise funds Georgia has a Kickstarter campaign. It's the 
"crowdfunding" site which 1,000s of worthy causes have used
to raise money. As a donor, you'll get credit and an array of 
tangible rewards based on the level at which you contribute.
    They have till the end of June to make it happen. Kickstarter 
rules: if they don't meet goal by July 1st, you won't be charged. 
But the film may not be completed, so your help is needed.
    Many vets & military organizations have already contributed 
their time and money. For more details on the project and a 
video go to: http://tiny.cc/NavelKickstart

Objectivist Summer Conference 2013 is livestreaming
    This Ayn Rand Institute conference is in Chicago, July 5–11. 
Ayn Rand called Objectivism "a philosophy for living on earth," 
and she taught that the purpose of philosophy is to help you to 
have a more satisfying and productive life. 
    With this in mind the first General Session is "The Moral and 
the Practical." All Optional Course topics develop that theme. 
    The 9 General Session talks and panels, and the 14 Optional 
Courses, can all be bought livestreaming. They're real-time 
but also accessible till this Aug. 15. Sign up for livestreaming:


"Freedom Bridge" cold war thriller by Erika Holzer
    "Collectivism means the subjugation of the individual to 
a group -- whether to a race, class or state does not matter. 
Collectivism holds that man must be chained to collective 
action and collective thought for the sake of what is called 
the 'common good.' " by Ayn Rand
    In this novel a Russian physician is ready to risk his life for 
freedom in the West. His closest friend, a Soviet Air Force 
officer tries to escape dictatorship. A famous American heart 
surgeon & his journalist wife, are caught in web of defection. 
The KGB colonel must prevent one defection, but orchestrate
another. Glienicker Bridge spans free West Berlin and 
Communist East Germany. Freedom Bridge...or not?
    In print from Amazon, eBook from Kindle and other digital 
publishers: http://tiny.cc/FreedomBridge

How Adam Smith revived America's oil patch
    by Joel Kurtzman, Wall Street Journal, June 20, 2013
"...Natural-gas reserves are plentiful but not always easy to
recover. It took an individual entrepreneur, Texan George P. 
Mitchell, to perfect the technology of hydraulic fracturing 
beginning in the 1990s that has made so much more of the gas 
    "Fracking technology is responsible for last year's 14% 
increase in oil production....responsible for a drop in oil imports 
and declines in carbon-dioxide emissions to 1993 levels....
    "America is one of the few countries where an individual 
or company can own the resources that lie beneath the ground.
    "Almost everywhere else...the rights to minerals of all kinds, 
including oil and natural gas, are claimed by the government....
As a consequence, there is much less incentive to innovate. 
Why bother if you can't own what you produce, or you can't 
profit except at a bureaucrat's sufferance?
    "...Companies like T. Boone Pickens's Clean Energy Fuels are 
laying out a network of natural-gas filling stations on major U.S. 
highways so that trucks, using new engines, can fuel up. New 
pipelines, such as the one Spectra Energy proposes to connect 
NY and NJ, are in the works, in addition to the 16,000 miles of 
interstate natural-gas pipelines built over the past decade.
    "...A $400 billion swing from negative to neutral, or even to 
positive, in the energy trade balance is something no one would 
have predicted even a few years ago.
    "Letting markets do their work sometimes requires an act of 
faith.... But when people are allowed to use market signals to 
determine where and how to mobilize their creativity, resources, 
energy and effort, amazing things can happen. Abundant
energy for the foreseeable future is one spectacular example."
    Read the rest at: http://tiny.cc/MineralRights

Fox News defends free speech with moral clarity
    by Robert Begley who often attends Junto. In The Objective 
Blog: Daily Commentary from an Objectivist Perspective
    "Recently the Justice Department accused Fox News 
correspondent James Rosen of criminally conspiring to publish 
sensitive security information about how North Korea might 
respond to new UN sanctions. In investigating this case, the 
FBI seized Rosen's phone and email records.
    "In response, Fox News launched a principled defense of the 
First Amendment...." Read the rest at: http://tiny.cc/freeSpeech

Homeschooling family shows children can learn more & faster
    by Robert Begley who often attends Junto. In The Objective 
Blog: Daily Commentary from an Objectivist Perspective* r
    "The well-documented abysmal failure of government schools 
has prompted a homeschooling boom, as many parents have 
chosen to retain or regain control of their children's education 
instead of leaving it in the hands of the state.  
    "One inspiring example comes by way of the Harding family...
six oldest Harding children reached college by age 12..."
    Read the rest at: http://tiny.cc/HomeSchool

2012: Ayn Rand sells a million books in one year, again
    Thirty years after her death, the novelist-philosopher is still
selling a lot of books. In 2012 her novel "Atlas Shrugged" sold
359,105 copies.
    As decades pass Rand has only gotten more popular. "Atlas" 
was a bestseller in her day, but it's selling even more now. 
    Annual purchases by decade averaged: 
1980s -- 74,300 per year, 1990s -- 95,300 per year, 
2000s -- 167,028 per year, 2010s -- 303,523 per year.
    To date her books have sold a total of twenty nine and half 
million copies. 
    In recent years almost 3 million have been requested by 
U.S. school teachers from the Ayn Rand Institute and given 
to them free.

What Smithfield means -- The shape of things to come
    by Curtis Ellis, who often attends Junto.
Ellis is communications director, American Jobs Alliance. 
    Posted to Huffington Post, Business: 
"The sale of Smithfield to China's Shuanghui Group should 
make you very afraid. And it's not because there will be 
antifreeze in your Christmas ham. It's even worse...."
    Read the rest at: http://tiny.cc/ChinaHam

Will Obama ask Xi Jinping how to spy on American citizens?
    by Curtis Ellis, who often attends Junto. 
Ellis is communications director, American Jobs Alliance. 
    Posted to Huffington Post, Politics:
"President Obama meets with China communist boss Xi 
Jinping today. The administration tells us the purpose of the 
private talks is to build cooperation. We can now assume that
means Obama will be asking Xi for tips on how to spy on 
American citizens more effectively.
    "While Silicon Valley techies helped build the machinery the 
Chinese Communist Party uses to keep tabs on its citizens, it 
turns out China was the testing ground for a security apparatus
now deployed on our own soil by our government. Savvy arms 
merchants sell to both sides...."
    Read the rest at: http://tiny.cc/ChinaSpy

What does selfishness mean
    People often don't understand what Ayn Rand means by
"selfishness." I think Objectivist's could be better off quoting 
Comte and other philosophers about altruism, rather than
quoting Rand first.
    There's a big difference between the everyday meaning
of altruism and the same term as used by philosophers.
    This is from Robert Tranciski: "...Ayn Rand had a narrower 
and more precise definition of altruism. Oakley [in an academic 
paper] defines altruism as 'well-meaning behavior intended to 
promote the welfare of another,' a definition so broad it includes 
any form of benevolence, empathy, or good will, down to 
greeting another person with 'have a nice day.' 
    "Yet the term 'altruism' is not synonymous with all of these 
things. It is a relatively recent coinage, invented in the late 
19th century by Auguste Comte to refer to a very specific moral 
philosophy. 'Altruism' literally means 'other-ism' and Comte 
used it to refer to a philosophy of living for the sake of others. 
    "There is a big difference between saying 'I sympathize with 
my fellow man and wish him well,' versus saying 'the sole 
moral purpose of my life is to serve others.'...Comte went on to 
declare that 'the social point of view cannot tolerate the notion 
of rights, for such notion rests on individualism.' " 
    Read the rest at: http://tiny.cc/RandSelf

Ed Thompson, often at Junto, launches career in real estate
    He began his business career founding a company which
designed & manufactured high-end cameras for the audio-visual 
trade, internationally, and came to employ nearly 100 people.
    For his business he bought land, built a manufacturing 
facility. That was the beginning of his life in real estate. He 
assembled properties, became a landlord (both commercial and
residential), bought and sold properties and chaired the board 
of a commercial condo project. 
    Today, real estate sales occupy Ed's time and his heart. 
"I love real estate. It's in my blood," says Ed. He makes each 
property search a true adventure. He's an amateur philosopher, 
an avid sailor and a licensed, instrument-rated private pilot. 
    Contact Ed, Bellmarc Brokerage Midtown, 212-688-8530x220 
ethompson@bellmarc.com, www.bellmarc.com/EDT 

Students for Liberty, dedicated to freedom 
    A former employee of this nonprofit was at the June Junto.
Here's some of what she told me about them. They have over 
900 student groups and thousands of students in their network. 
     Their International Conference this year was in DC with
over 1,400 attendees from all over the world. 
    From Sept. to Nov. they'll have European Regional 
Conferences in Poland, Paris, Bulgaria, Rome, Serbia, 
Sweden, Milan and Germany.
    They support: Economic freedom to choose how to provide 
for one's life; social freedom to choose how to live one's life; 
and intellectual and academic freedom.
    She says the impact is life-changing for many pro-liberty 
students. Their site has the slogan "Libertarians: Diligently 
plotting to take over the World and leave you alone."
    Learn more about them at: http://StudentsForLiberty.org

"Atlas Shrugged" & other Rand novels, student Reading Projects  
    The Ayn Rand Institute guides students through studying
"Atlas Shrugged" in 10 weeks. They have Reading Projects for 
Rand's other three novels, too. 
    "Atlas" began on June 13th. Each Thur. they send an email 
with the reading schedule for the next week and a featured 
resource to enjoy. It has a recap of the previous week's reading 
plus questions on the upcoming reading to help focus study.
    This helps students study Rand's vision of existence, and of 
man's highest purpose and potential in life. It will help students 
prepare for the Ayn Rand Institute's essay contests.
    The first reading was through of chapter 5 in part I, "The 
Climax of the d'Anconias." It suggested readers think about:
* How do Dagny's and Jim's attitudes towards business and 
    solving problems differ?
* What does Hank want to celebrate and why does he find 
    no one with whom to celebrate?
* What does Dagny seem to want from life? And judging from 
    his relationship with Betty Pope, what does Jim seem to 
    want from life?
Students in this Reading Project are invited to join the official 
Atlas Shrugged Facebook page, with its ongoing and dynamic 
discussion about the novel's story and ideas. The goal is to have 
students participate with the community of "Atlas Shrugged" 
366,000 fans.
    Visit the site of online student Reading Project groups for all
of Rand's novels: http://tiny.cc/studentReading

Free market and Objectivist groups and sites

* Groups which meet in Manhattan:
    NYC Junto -- NYCjunto.org
    NYC Ayn Rand Meetup -- meetup.com/AynRand-8
    Atlas Reading Group -- http://tiny.cc/AtlasReadGroup
    NY Objectivists/NY Heroes -- http://tiny.cc/NYheroesObj
    Ayn Rand NY Tours -- http://tiny.cc/ToursRand
    Manhattan Libertarian Party -- manhattanLP.org

* Sites to visit:
    Ayn Rand Institute -- AynRand.org
    Ed Thompson's site -- AtlasAnswers.net
    The Atlas Society -- AtlasSociety.org
    The Atlasphere -- theAtlasphere.com
    Liberty Magazine -- http://tiny.cc/LibertyMag
    Ayn Rand Lexicon -- AynRandLexicon.com
    The Objective Standard -- theObjectiveStandard.com
    The Objective Standard's Blog -- http://tiny.cc/blogTOS
    Aristos: An Online Review of the Arts -- aristos.org
    Forum for Ayn Rand Fans -- forums.4aynRandFans.com
    Philosophy in Action -- philosophyinAction.com
    Sense of Life Objectivists -- soloPassion.com
    Objectivism Online -- objectivismOnline.com
    Rebirth of Reason -- rebirthOfReason.com
    The Tracinski Letter -- tracinskiLetter.com
    Real Clear Politics -- RealClearPolitics.com
    Ludwig Von Mises Institute -- mises.org
    Bastiat Institute -- Bastiatinstitute.org
    Institute for Justice -- ij.org
    Cato Institute -- cato.org

Fred Cookinham's five Ayn Rand walking tours
* "Atlas Shrugged"
    SAT. Aug. 24, Nov. 23 -- SUN. Aug. 25
* Ayn Rand's Park Avenue
    SAT. July 20 -- SUN. July 21 -- 
    WED. June 26, July 3, 31, Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28, Sept. 4, 11
* Skyscrapers of ''The Fountainhead'' 
    SAT. June 22, Nov. 2 -- SUN. June 23, Nov. 3
* Ayn Rand on Broadway
    SAT. Aug. 28 
* Ayn Rand Fifth Avenue
    SAT. Oct. 26    
All scheduled tours $20, over 65 $15:
    Private tours $30. To arrange for your private tour or for 
more information, call Fred at home: 718-397-9019 or on his 
cell: 917-607-9019 or email him: fcookinham [at] juno.com 
    Fred's tours get better because he never stops researching. 
This July he'll speak at FreedomFest in Las Vegas. "What I 
have learned from a lifetime of studying Ayn Rand."
    He's often at Junto and Ayn Rand Meetups. He gave the 
''Ayn Rand and Free Market Tour'' for Mont Pelerin Society. 

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