NYC Junto Newsletter – April, 2014

April 27, 2014

* NEW  Junto meeting May 1 
* NEW  The Future of the Tea Party: How liberals can be saved
* NEW  NYC Ayn Rand Meetup, Sun., April 27 , 3:00pm
* NEW  Ayn Rand's final message to businessmen
* NEW  Aristotle Versus Religion, by Andrew Bernstein
* NEW  On Rush, Ayn Rand and not compromising
* NEW  Tax Freedom Day was April 21 this year
* NEW  High frequency trading -- a gov't byproduct?
* NEW  Cato's Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty
* NEW  Shark Tank, behind the scenes, week of morning shows
* NEW  John Stossel speaker Ayn Rand Inst. dinner Chicago
* NEW  "Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?" Sept. 12 movie 
* NEW  Want to lift people out of poverty? Ditch renewables
* NEW  Leonard Peikoff jazz at Objectivist Summer Conf.
* NEW  More speakers announced Objectivist Summer Conf.
* NEW  "Republican Party's Civil War: Will Freedom Win?" 
* NEW  Ayn Rand Institute Campus, free online courses
* NEW  Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks
* NEW  When it's OK to lie to non-Muslims?
* NEW  Novels inspired by novelist Ayn Rand
* NEW  If you're following the ins and outs of official Obj.
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Junto focuses on free markets, Objectivism and investing.
It's a group that shares information, discusses current issues 
and presents speakers

William Easterly
The Tyranny of Experts: 
Economists, dictators, and the forgotten rights of the poor

Thursday, May 1 
Admission free -- no reservation necessary
* We'll socialize from 7:00pm to 7:30pm 
* 7:30pm moderator, Gene Epstein calls first for announcements 
    of things happening before the next Junto. Then he asks for
    other announcements and for people introducing themselves.
* The speaker begins promptly at 8:00pm. 
* Most speakers will present their thoughts in several sections. 
    Each section will have audience questions, discussions and 
    rebuttal of the speaker's points. 
* Discussions are intense but polite.
* The meeting will continue to 10:00pm or later.

General Society Library 
20 West 44 St., between 5th and 6th Aves., NYC
near the Grand Central Terminal

* Junto meets on the first Thursday of every month 
* Participation by all attendees is highly encouraged.
* 70 to 150 people attend most Juntos.

William Easterly, will discuss the ideas in his book: 
"The Tyranny of Experts: 
Economists, dictators, and the forgotten rights of the poor" 
    Copies of the book will be on sale. 
This is the Barron's review by Gene Epstein, economics and 
books editor. Gene is also the Junto moderator:
    In this scholarly and impassioned polemic, William Easterly 
positions himself as a heretic from an orthodoxy that he once 
practiced. An economics professor at NYU, Easterly spent 16 
years as an economist with the World Bank, which he left in 
2001. Fittingly, then, "The Tyranny of Experts" begins with a 
troubling story that directly involves his former employer.
    In Feb. 2010, as part of a project the World Bank financed 
and promoted, soldiers evicted more than 20,000 Ugandan 
farmers from their homes to make room for a forestry project, 
accidentally killing an 8-year-old. Easterly initially tells the 
story by imagining the hue and cry that would have ensued had 
this atrocity occurred in rural Ohio. That it took place in Uganda 
made possible "the World Bank's successful evasion of any 
responsibility for burning down the homes of poor farmers."
    As the author points out, this horrific act was a direct 
outgrowth of the ideology of "authoritarian development" -- the 
idea that poverty is a "purely technical problem" solvable by 
"well intentioned autocrats advised by technical experts" who, 
therefore, have license to further human-rights abuses in the 
name of economic development. Easterly puts forward an 
alternate vision, one that not only recognizes that "the rights 
of the poor...are moral ends in themselves" but also affirms that 
poverty can be addressed only through a "problem-solving
 system" participated in by "free individuals with political 
and economic rights."
    Not surprisingly, the author endorses the pro-free-market 
views of Nobel laureate economist Friederich Hayek, who 
warned in his 1944 best seller, "The Road to Serfdom," of the 
threat to freedom and prosperity resulting from authoritarian 
ideology. Easterly makes clear his opposition not just to the 
policies of the World Bank but also to similar policies pursued 
by the United Nations; by the aid agencies of the U.S. and the 
United Kingdom; by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's 
Africa governance initiative; and by the Bill and Melinda Gates 
Foundation, to which Warren Buffett is a major donor.
    Such forthright targeting of respected institutions is bound to 
get push-back. In a review of "The Tyranny of Experts" in The 
Wall Street Journal, a critic with expert credentials took the 
author to task for being "too general and thus not very helpful 
for anyone thinking seriously about how to reform development 
assistance," since "few serious Western development 
professionals today actively promote dictatorship."
    But Easterly's whole point is that "thinking seriously" about 
"development assistance" leads to the conclusion that it cannot, 
in fact, assist in development and thus cannot be reformed, since 
it deals with technical problems, not root causes. As he observes, 
"The technical problems of the poor...are a symptom of poverty, 
not a cause of poverty [italics in original]," while "the cause of the absence of a free political and economic system 
that would find the technical solutions to the poor's problems."
    Nor did "development professionals" ever "actively promote 
dictatorship" in this book's account. Tony Blair and Bill Gates 
would be right to deny that they actively promote dictatorship, 
but the dictators in Ethiopia must still appreciate their implicit 
support. "I can sympathize with economists who unwittingly 
favor autocracy," Easterly writes, "because for a long time I 
was one of them myself."
    Similarly, the author takes critical issue with the enthusiasm 
for one-party autocracy in China voiced by New York Times 
columnist Thomas Friedman. While Friedman notes the
"drawbacks" of such a political system -- thus positioning 
himself as a nonactive promoter -- he still supports it for 
imposing "critically important policies needed to move a 
society forward in the 21st century." In rebuttal, Easterly points 
out that most autocracies are economic failures. And in China 
and elsewhere, economic progress has been brought about by 
an increase in economic freedom, which almost always 
involves a decrease in autocratic rule....
    "Remember, aid cannot achieve the end of poverty. Only 
homegrown development based on the dynamism of individuals 
and firms in free markets can do that." --William Easterly
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Come to Junto, meet this upcoming speaker:

* June 5, Robert Begley will speak about: 
Man the Hero: Crucial role heroism plays in life. 
    People have always looked up to heroes for inspiration. 
Why? What is the nature of heroism? What are the different 
types of heroes? What is it about man that makes him heroic? 
Who are the heroes who once made New York the greatest city 
in the world? Who was New York's most important hero? What 
kind of heroic actions will it take to have New York return to 
its former glory?  
    In this talk he'll answer these questions -- giving many 
examples of real and fiction heroes -- and demonstrate the 
crucial role that heroes play in life. In addition to giving a 
crash course in NYC history. He'll list places where you can 
go to pay homage to these heroes.
    He's founder and pres. of an organization dedicated to 
promoting heroism in the culture: and
    Robert's writing a book on the history of New York heroes. 
He judges the "Anthem" and "The Fountainhead" essay contests 
for the Ayn Rand Institute. He writes for The Objective Standard 
and for its Blog:
     He's a stock market investor and worked for Merrill Lynch 
for twelve years. 

The Future of the Tea Party: How liberals can be saved
    Gotham Tea Party meeting, Tue., Apr. 29
In the early 1990s our speaker, Michelle Kamhi, worked hard 
for the election of the hard-left ideologue Jerold Nadler. She 
and her liberal friends succeeded. The congressman has been 
a reliable decades-long supporter of left-wing legislation.
    Nadler hasn't changed, Michelle has. So have several activists 
who worked with her on that first, important Nadler campaign.  
    Michelle will explain what changed her thinking and offer 
suggestions -- and hope -- for meeting the tea party's challenge 
of changing hearts and minds.
    Other former liberals will tell us what prompted their change. 
We need to learn what helps to open minds & change elections.
    Michelle is co-author of "What Art Is: The esthetic theory
of Ayn Rand."
    Eamonn's Bar & Grill, 9 E. 45 St., off 5th Ave. 
6:30pm to 9:00pm, hors d'oeuvres, cash bar, 6:00pm order dinner
$10 pre-paid -- non-refundable, $15 at door
    For info:  

NYC Ayn Rand Meetup, Sun., April 27, 3:00pm
    As always, we'll talk about Ayn Rand, her works, challenges, 
Objectivist life, options, associations and knowledge.
    Give and take, open to all, no charge, no reservations. 
It's on the last Sun. of each month.
    It's at The Midtown Restaurant, 155 East 55 St., between
3rd and Lexington Avenues, mid-block on the north side
of 55th St., in Manhattan, free.
    There are usually one to two dozen people at each Meetup.
Benny Pollack, Ayn Rand Meetup organizer, says: "Join our
group of regular Objectivists for a lively discussion on topics
related to Ayn Rand and Objectivist philosophy in general.
    "Please join us. If you are already versed in the topic, want
to learn or just want to spend an intellectually stimulating
afternoon, please come. I hope to see you all there."
    Get up-to-date info: 
Ayn Rand's final message to businessmen
    She gave the talk on Nov. 1981. She observes that 
profit-seeking businessmen, despite conferring huge benefits 
in the form of higher standards of living, are the "most hated, 
blamed, denounced men" in the eyes of so-called social 
    This injustice is further compounded when these same
victimized businessmen accept their attackers' moral standards 
and end up guiltily apologizing for their own productive virtues.
    As an example of what Rand calls the "sanction of the 
victims." she points to the money businesses give to higher 
education, without regard to the ideas their dollars propagate. '    
    "[M]illions and millions and millions of dollars are being '
donated to universities by big business enterprises every year,"
Rand says, "and the donors have no idea of what their money 
is being spent on or whom it is supporting.
    "What is certain is only the fact that some of the worst 
anti-business, anti-capitalism propaganda has been financed 
by businessmen in such projects....It is a moral crime to give 
money to support your own destroyers. Yet that is what 
businessmen are doing with such reckless irresponsibility." 
    After her talk you'll see her 20 minute Q&A which is 
fascinating, too. It's all here:

Aristotle Versus Religion, by Andrew Bernstein
    On this free blog listen to Andrew Bernstein discuss his 
article in Objective Standard: Aristotle vs. Religion. He's 
talking with Craig Biddle, founder/editor of The Objective 
Standard and Arshak Benlian. 
    This discussion covers the main points Andrew makes in his 
article. It's about Aristotle's ideas and the reactions of Judaism, 
Christianity and Islam to them. 
    Listen to it here:
The article offers a concise history of the relationships 
and conflicts between Aristotelianism and the three major 
monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
    It illustrates the varying degrees to which Western and 
Middle Eastern cultures accepted or rejected Aristotle's ideas 
and attempted to mix them with religion.
    It shows the power of rational ideas to sustain and further 
human life and the power of irrational ideas to throttle and 
thwart it.
    I knew many of the facts discussed here. For instance, 
Hanukkah celebrates the Jews resisting the influence of 
Aristotle. Generations later Jews welcomed his ideas and 
began to flourish. But I hadn't linked these two periods together.
    His quote from Paul Johnson gave me a fresh perspective
on history: "The Greeks had faced the same problem [as the 
Jews] with Rome...They had solved it by submitting physically 
and taking the Romans over intellectually. Culturally, the 
Roman empire was Greek, especially in the East."
    It's amazing to watch the effect on each religion of 
-- resisting then welcoming -- or -- welcoming then resisting -- 
Aristotle's ideas.
    The article shows the importance of understanding that 
Aristotelianism is the root of all good in the world today. 
You'll also learn of the importance of fighting to expand 
recognition of this fact.
    The article is in the spring 2014 Objective Standard magazine. 
Some Barnes & Noble's carry it but you can buy an eBook of
that issue for $9.95 online:

On Rush, Ayn Rand and not compromising
    Adapted from Matt Kibbe's book, "Don't Hurt People and 
Don't Take Their Stuff: A Libertarian Manifesto"
    I don't want to "grow up," if growing up means abandoning 
the principle that individuals matter... 
    In 1977, I bought my first Rush album. I was 13....The text 
inside the cover read, "With acknowledgement to the genius 
of Ayn Rand."...the members of Rush were battling their own 
record label for control over their artistic direction....Too far. 
Too individualistic. Too extreme....    
    I stumbled upon a used copy of her novella "Anthem" 
it without putting it down once....I connected with the struggle 
to be free -- different, independent, responsible for my own 
successes and failures....
    I was obsessed. Neil Peart, the drummer and lyricist for 
Rush, was also obsessed with Ayn Rand at the time of his 
band's career-defining struggle with their record label....
    The whole article is at Reason mag.:

Tax Freedom Day was April 21 this year
    This was the date by which the average U.S. taxpayer earned 
enough to cover their federal tax liability. The Tax Foundation 
computes it each year. 
    Are you getting your money's worth? And what can you 
expect to pay the taxman during the course of your life? Find 
out with a free app and learn more:

High frequency trading -- a gov't byproduct?
    by Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Inst. at:
Whenever the press, politicians and academics vilify a financial 
phenomenon, further examination almost always reveals that its 
bad elements are caused by regulation, not by markets -- and 
often its consequences are good, despite what the experts claim. 
Case in point: the hysteria surrounding so-called High-Frequency 
    The Wall Street Journal deserves kudos here for bringing 
attention to something most critics (and defenders) of HFT have 
overlooked: the role of the government. WSJ argues that HFT is 
essentially a byproduct of the government's campaign to break 
up the dominant New York Stock Exchange. In the process, the
Securities and Exchange Commission passed regulations that 
effected the development and deployment of a new technological 
infrastructure for trading. (It looks likely that these regulations 
are responsible for whatever negative outcomes might result 
from HFT.)
    What's needed by financial markets and institutions as well 
as traders and consumers is not more hysteria over financial 
practices, but a systematic approach to slowly eliminating 
regulations, so that a truly free financial market can come 
into being. We will all be winners then.
    Why are people so quick to condemn financial markets in 
general, and new financial phenomena in particular? To better 
understand the causes of this widespread animosity, I would 
recommend the following:
    Watch my video on In Defense of Finance:
    For a longer treatment see my course In Defense of 
Financial Markets:
    Read my essay on The Morality of Moneylending: 
A Short History:

Cato announces Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty
    Leszek Balcerowicz, former deputy prime minister and 
finance minister of Poland is the 2014 recipient of the $250,000
prize. A champion of freedom, instrumental in advancing 
free markets in his native Poland and Eastern Europe.
    He's credited with Poland's economic transformation. He 
liberalized prices of most consumer goods, initiated sound fiscal 
& monetary measures to balance the budget & end hyperinflation.
    He's Eastern Europe's first non-communist leader since the 
end of World War II. 
    The keynote address by is Garry Kasparov, Russian 
pro-democracy leader and global human-rights activist.
    Cato Biennial Dinner, Waldorf-Astoria NYC, Wed., May 21   
Reception and dinner, from 6:30pm, black tie
    Learn more at:

Shark Tank, behind the scenes plus a week of morning shows
    Learn more about these real life venture capitalists and the
entrepreneurs at 8:00pm on Fri, May 2nd. Find out what 
happens to entrepreneurs after they're on show and which are 
the most successful businesses to come from the show. All six
Sharks share their thoughts about each other and their strategies 
for making the best deals and the largest profits.
    This will be followed by the regular show at 9:00pm. The 
show has top ratings in it's time period.
    Also, Sharks will be on Good Morning America every day 
this week, from Mon., Apr. 28 to Fri., May 2. Good Morning 
America regulars will present their business ideas to Sharks.
    All above shows are on ABC, channel 7 in NY & most cities.
This Tues., Apr. 29 CNBC will show repeats from previous 
years at 8:00pm and 9:00pm, channel 15 TimeWarner NYC.
John Stossel speaker at Ayn Rand Inst. June dinner in Chicago
    Third annual Atlas Shrugged Revolution dinner. Stossel, a
Junto speaker, has a weekly show on Fox Business Network. 
    He joins Gary P. Brinson, GP Investments and Yaron Brook 
of Ayn Rand Inst. 
    The Langham, 330 N. Wabash Ave., Tue., June 3, 
6:00pm to 9:00pm, dinner and program, 312-923-9988

"Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?" Sept. 12 movie release
    Part 3 of "Atlas" features Laura Regan (seen in TV series "
Mad Men") as Dagny Taggart, Rob Morrow (star of TV series 
"Numb3rs" and "Northern Exposure") as Hank Rearden and Kris 
Polaha (seen in TV series "Mad Men") as the hero John Galt. 
    There will be scenes in Galt's Gulch, the utopia of creative 
capitalists. We'll also hear Galt's speech, dramatizing Ayn Rand's 
message calling for individualism and freedom.
News about the film, with photo of Galt:

Want to lift people out of poverty? Ditch renewable energy goals
    From environmental writer Bjorn Lomborg's "How Green 
Policies Hurt the Poor" Spectator, U.K., April 5, 2014:
    ...most Westerners still want to focus on putting up more 
inefficient solar panels in the developing world. But this 
infatuation inflicts a real cost. A recent analysis from the Centre 
for Global Development shows that $10 billion invested in such 
renewables would help lift 20 million people in Africa out of 
poverty. It sounds impressive, until you learn that if this sum 
was spent on gas electrification it would lift 90 million people 
out of poverty. So in choosing to spend that $10 billion on 
renewables, we deliberately end up choosing to leave more 
than 70 million people in darkness and poverty.
   Notable & Quotable, Wall St. Journal:

Leonard Peikoff and others: Jazz at Objectivist Summer Conf.
    Leonard Peikoff, Andrew Lewis and Nick Schaadt will play 
jazz standards from the 1930s and 1940s. 
    The trio is led by drummer Andrew, who played jazz and 
other genres for a decade before switching careers to education. 
Nick is a professional bassist who performs regularly in LA 
and Orange County, CA. 
    Leonard has retired from philosophy and resumed piano 
lessons a few years ago -- after a 60-year gap -- this time to 
focus on jazz piano. 
    They'll be joined by professional vocalist Denean Dyson, 
who sings in a variety of styles.
    The set will last 30 to 40 min. Then the musicians will answer 
questions about their personal musical journeys.
    Free at the conf., Wed., July 2, 8:00pm:

More speakers announced for Objectivist Summer Conf.
"What Everyone Can Do to Promote Freedom" 
    Andrew Bernstein
"The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels" Alex Epstein, Junto speaker
"Ayn Rand's Sacred Atheism" Robert Mayhew
"Ayn Rand: A Writer Is Born" Shoshana Milgram
"Thinking Objectively" Gregoy Salmieri
"What Are We Cheering? Sport and the Value of Valuing" 
    Tara Smith
There are many speakers and panels:

"The Republican Party's Civil War: Will Freedom Win?" 
    Book by Edward Hudgins, David N. Mayer, David Kelley, 
Walter Donway and William Thomas
    #1 national Kindle best-seller in "Political Parties" 
The Republican Party is in a civil war among three factions:
establishment Republicans, who simply want to make the 
welfare state work efficiently; social conservatives, and 
limited-government Republicans, who favor freedom. 
    Authors analyze the GOP's woes, call for radical realignment. 
Hudgins argues that constituencies rejecting the restoration of 
liberty should be allowed -- or asked -- to leave. 
    Mayer, constitutional scholar, calls for "Competing the 
American Revolution" contends that "The American Revolution 
was not quite radical enough." 
    Kelley, script consultant "Atlas Shrugged" movie trilogy, in
a devastating critique of welfare society, concludes: "The ethical 
principle that individual ability is a social asset is incompatible 
with a free society. If freedom is to survive and flourish, we 
need a fourth revolution, a moral revolution, that establishes 
the moral right of the individual to live for himself." 
    Insightful essays on America's founding principles and the 
difference between true free markets and crony capitalism. 
    Kindle $0.99, paperback $8.99:

Ayn Rand Institute Campus, free online courses
    Online courses on Ayn Rand and her revolutionary 
philosophy of Objectivism. Whether you recently picked up 
your first Rand book or have been reading her novels and 
nonfiction for years, there's something for you. 
    Multimedia courses cover her literary classics, specific 
aspects of her thought and how to apply her ideas to your life. 
    Examples of courses: Morality of Freedom, Philosophy of 
Education and Introduction to Objectivism.
    Lengths range from 15 min. to 7 hours. It includes discussion 
boards & other features to share ideas & improve understanding. 
    Go at your own pace, samples here:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks
    Hirsi Ali's statement in response to the Brandeis U. decision 
to rescind her invitation to receive an honorary degree:
    ...When Brandeis approached me with the offer of an 
honorary degree, I accepted partly because of the institution's 
distinguished history; it was founded in 1948, in the wake of 
World War II and the Holocaust, as a co-educational,
nonsectarian university at a time when many American 
universities still imposed rigid admission quotas on Jewish 
    I assumed that Brandeis intended to honor me for my work as 
a defender of the rights of women against abuses that are often 
religious in origin. For over a decade, I have spoken out against 
such practices as female genital mutilation, so-called "honor
killings," and applications of Sharia Law that justify such forms 
of domestic abuse as wife beating or child beating. 
    Part of my work has been to question the role of Islam in 
legitimizing such abhorrent practices. So I was not surprised 
when my usual critics, notably the Council of American-Islamic 
Relations (CAIR), protested against my being honored in this way.
    What did surprise me was the behavior of Brandeis....
deplorable is that an institution set up on the basis of religious 
freedom should today so deeply betray its own founding 
principles. The "spirit of free expression" referred to in the 
Brandeis statement has been stifled here, as my critics have 
achieved their objective of preventing me from addressing the 
graduating Class of 2014....
    Not content with a public disavowal, Brandeis has invited
me "to join us on campus in the future to engage in a dialogue 
about these important issues." Sadly, in words and deeds, the 
university has already spoken its piece. I have no wish to 
"engage" in such one-sided dialogue....
    I take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported 
me and my work on behalf of oppressed woman and girls 
    You can read it all at:

When it's OK to lie to non-Muslims?
    On the site of historian Victor Davis Hanson, the writer
Raymond Ibrahim posted his Expert Report on information 
he gave a defense lawyer about the Islamic doctrine which 
permits Muslims to lie to non-Muslims.  
    A Canadian media personality and author is being sued for 
defamation and $100,000. The suit is by a man who was part 
of a similar suit against Mark Steyn, libertarian, in Canada.  
    After the plaintiff read this Report he decided not to call his
expert. You can read it at:
Here's another article about four Arabic words, each describes
a different style of deception used by Muslims when discussing 
Islam. "Western civilizations aren't accustomed to dealing with 
people, who have developed deception into an art form." 
    You can read it at:

Novels inspired by novelist Ayn Rand
    Many of these 32 authors are well known, some were friends 
of Rand:

If you're following the ins and outs of official Obj.
    Note by Robert Tracinski, March 28, 2014
In recent years, for reasons I have explained at length before, 
I have separated myself from the formal Objectivist movement 
and its occasional soap operas -- though not, of course, from 
the philosophy of Objectivism itself, which happily survives 
independent of the various characters who associate 
themselves with it.
    So it is with some reluctance that I venture back to offer 
a few comments on the latest Objectivist crack-up, David 
Harriman's public defection from the Leonard Peikoff wing 
of the movement to the David Kelley wing. It's just a small bit 
of gossip by itself, but it is a marker for something bigger, for 
the end of a certain era of the Objectivist movement.
    You can read the rest of this at:
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    Yaron answers questions on politics, economics, 
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Fred Cookinham's five Ayn Rand walking tours
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* Ayn Rand's Park Ave. 
* Skyscrapers of ''The Fountainhead'' 
* Ayn Rand on Broadway
* Ayn Rand Fifth Ave.
    Scheduled tours $20, over 65 yr. old $15. Private tours $30. 
To arrange for your private tour or for more information, call 
Fred at home: 718-397-9019 or on his cell: 917-607-9019 or 
email him: fcookinham [at] 
    Fred's tours get better because he never stops researching. 
''What I have learned from a lifetime of studying Ayn Rand."
    He's often at Junto and Ayn Rand Meetups. He gave his 
''Ayn Rand and Free Market Tour'' for Mont Pelerin Society. 

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