NYC Junto Newsletter – January 2015

January 23, 2015

NYC Junto Newsletter
written by Iris Bell on January 23, 2015
* Junto meeting Thursday, February 5, 2015
* NEW   Junto speakers through November 2015
* NEW   NYC Ayn Rand Meetup, Sunday, Jan. 25, 3:00pm
* NEW   Ayn Rand's birthday, Sunday, Feb. 1, noon to 3:00pm
* NEW   50 Years: Impossible Medicare, Wed. Feb. 11, 7:00pm
* NEW   "Atlas Shrugged: Protecting freedom" course
* NEW   A champion of law informed by economics
* NEW   "3 Enemies of Capitalism" talk by Carrie-Ann Biondi
* NEW   "What happened to freedom of speech?" Yaron Brook
* NEW   Yaron Brook Show, 2nd show, about D.C. and more
* NEW   Challenge of Liberty Seminars, Independent Institute
* NEW   Aristos online arts magazine, new issue, objective
* NEW   Atlas Network, 10 happenings in global freedom
* NEW   Martin Anderson died, helped end the draft
* NEW   Alex Epstein: 97% of climate scientists,100% wrong 
* NEW   Alex Epstein: On the Dr. Drew Pinsky Show, podcast
* NEW   Alex Epstein: BookTV "Moral Case for Fossil Fuels"
* NEW   Free market & Objectivist local meetings, sites, podcasts
* NEW   IJ wins civil forfeiture case, IRS to return $447,000
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Junto focuses on free markets, Objectivism and investing.
It's a group that shares information, discusses current issues
and presents speakers.

Thursday, February 5, 2015
Benjamin W. Powell    
"Out of Poverty: 
Sweatshops in the global economy"
the celebration of Ayn Rand's 110th birthday.

Admission free -- no reservation necessary
* We'll socialize from 7:00pm to 7:30pm
* 7:30pm moderator, Gene Epstein calls first for announcements
    of things happening before the next Junto. Then he asks for
    other announcements and for people to introduce themselves.
* The speaker begins promptly at 8:00pm.
* Most speakers will present their thoughts in several sections.
    Each section will have audience questions, discussions and
    rebuttal of the speaker's points.
* Discussions are intense but polite.
* The meeting will continue to 10:00pm or later.

General Society Library
20 West 44 Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues, NYC
near the Grand Central Terminal

* Junto meets on the first Thursday of every month
* Participation by all attendees is highly encouraged.
* 70 to 150 people attend most Junto meetings.

Benjamin W. Powell, will speak on his book "Out of Poverty: 
Sweatshops in the global economy" 
    He's Free Market Institute director, Texas Tech University.
In 2013 he joined Texas Tech as director of the Free Market 
Institute and to teach in the Rawls College of Business.
    Before Texas Tech he was associate professor of economics 
at Suffolk University, an assistant professor of economics at 
San José State University and director of the Center on 
Entrepreneurial Innovation at Independent Institute.
    He's a senior fellow with the Independent Institute, a 
libertarian think tank. He's North American editor of the 
Review of Austrian Economics.
    He became interested in economics through the writings of 
Milton Friedman, F.A. Hayek, Ludwig Von Mises and Murray 
    His Ph.D. is from George Mason University, 2003, where 
he studied Austrian Economics and Public Choice Theory.
followed by the Junto celebration of 
Ayn Rand's 110th birthday

* Junto's audio podcasts since May 2014 at:
    Listen to the January 2014 Junto talk by Andrew Bernstein    
    "Introduction to Objectivism"
* The Junto Forum, read and post:
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Come to Junto, meet these upcoming speakers:

March 5    Nina Teicholz and John Mackey will DEBATE:
"An animal foods/low-carb centered diet is unhealthy 
compared with a 90+% plant-based diet that 
excludes sugar and refined grain products." Teicholz takes 
the negative and Mackey takes the affirmative.
    Teicholz, an investigative reporter, spent nine years 
researching nutrition science for her book "The Big Fat 
Surprise: Why butter, meat & cheese belong in a healthy diet," 
a NY Times bestseller. A "Best Book" of 2014 by the Economist, 
Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, Kirkus Reviews and Library 
Journal, also "The Most Memorable Healthcare Book of 2014" 
by Forbes: It's received rave reviews, 
including this one by the editor, British Medical 
    Mackey is working on a book about healthy diet. He spoke 
at Junto in June 2013. He's co-CEO of Whole Foods Market. 
His stores often have Dr. Fuhrman's Nutrient Density numbers 
on items on the salad bar. Fuhrman says 90% of the daily diet 
should be nutrient rich plant foods:  
Whole Food Market's healthy eating:

April 2    Jason Riley, Wall Street Journal editorial board 
member, on his book "Please Stop Helping Us: How liberals 
make it harder for blacks to succeed" Gene Epstein's review 
in Barron's: 

May 7    Casey Mulligan on his book "Side Effects: The 
economic consequences of Obamacare" University of Chicago 
economist, his blog is "Supply and Demand (in that order):"

June 4    Janine Wedel on her book "Unaccountable: How elite 
power brokers corrupt our finances, freedom, and security"
professor in the School of Policy, Government and International 
Affairs at George Mason University:

July 2, Christopher Preble, "Wars of Choice vs. Wars of 
Necessity" Cato VP defense and foreign policy studies
Biography:   His blog:

August 6, Tyler Cowen, economics professor George Mason 
University, director Mercatus Center. He's spoken at Junto more
than any other speaker. He blogs daily:

September and October 2015 speakers will be announced

November 5    Richard A. Epstein spoke at Junto Sept. 2011 
and April 1997. Law professor NY University, adjunct scholar 
Cato, senior fellow Hoover Institution, senior lecturer University 
Chicago Law School. Legal Affairs poll: one of the 20 most 
influential legal thinkers. His tweets:

NYC Ayn Rand Meetup, Sunday, January 25, 3:00pm
    As always, we'll talk about Ayn Rand, her works, challenges,
Objectivist life, options, associations and knowledge.
    Give and take, open to all, no charge, no reservations.
It's on the last Sunday of each month.
    It's at The Midtown Restaurant, 155 East 55 Street, between
3rd and Lexington Avenues, mid-block on the north side
of 55th Street, in Manhattan, free.
    There are usually about two dozen people at each Meetup.
Benny Pollack, Ayn Rand Meetup organizer, says: "Join our
group of regular Objectivists for a lively discussion on topics
related to Ayn Rand and Objectivist philosophy in general.
    "Please join us. If you are already versed in the topic, want
to learn or just want to spend an intellectually stimulating
afternoon, please come. I hope to see you all there."
    Get up-to-date info:

Celebrate Ayn Rand's birthday, Sun., Feb. 1, noon to 3:00pm
    NY Objectivists/NY Heroes, in honor of Rand's 110th birthday
(February 2, 1905) will gather in midtown Manhattan. 
    The program will include members describing Rand's 
influence in their lives and a discussion of nearby references 
she wrote about in her work. 
    The meeting will begin inside the public space at 
120 Park Avenue, main entrance on 42nd Street at the SW corner, 
across the street from Grand Central Terminal. Alternate entrance 
on Park Avenue, south of 42nd Street.  
    We'll conclude with brunch, just  steps away, across Park Ave., 
on 42nd Street across from Grand Central Terminal. We'll be 
in the Pershing Square Cafe:
    Hosted by Robert Begley, Junto speaker. 
More information and to sign up:

50 Years Later: Impossible math of Medicare, Wed. Feb. 11, 7:00pm
    by Rituparna Basu, analyst at the Ayn Rand Institute
She'll ask the hard questions and lay out what we must 
do to solve one of today's biggest problems. 
    Fifty years after passage, Medicare's unfunded liabilities top 
$100 trillion -- money the government has promised tomorrow's 
seniors that it doesn't have.   
    No amount of taxation can make up for this shortfall, which 
equals almost six times the size of today's economy. 
    Yet while people know that Medicare is unsustainable, the 
program remains a third-rail issue in politics, untouchable in 
the minds of many Americans and political suicide for 
politicians who dare to approach it. Why is this? 
    Are Americans right to want the program to stay as is? And 
what will happen if we continue to resist reform? 
    7:00pm reception, 7:30pm lecture and Q&A
    CUNY, 365 Fifth Avenue, off 34th Street
    Students free, general audience $10, light refreshment served
Pay online or at the door, cash or credit card. By phone: 
949-222-6550 extension 204  Sign up:
This is the sixth of 10 months of NYC lectures. Each is on the 
second Wednesday of the month, in the same building but on 
different floors. 
    These "Road to a Free Society: Ayn Rand Institute on Tour" 
speakers also give their talks in Chicago, Irvine, CA and 
Palo Alto/San Francisco.
    The interactive forum will give you the opportunity to ask 
questions about today's cultural and political issues and gain 
an understanding of how Ayn Rand's views on individualism 
and capitalism apply to the challenges of our time.  
    If you're new to Rand's ideas or familiar with them, this is 
your chance to ask questions and engage the speakers.

"Atlas Shrugged: Protecting freedom in America" course
    By Andrew Bernstein, Jan. 2015 Junto speaker. One day each
in April and May, with time to integrate the first-day's material. 
Dates, cost, location, probably eastern Penn., to be announced.
    "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand predicted America's current 
collapse into cultural insanity, moral depravity, socialist politics.
    Learn to make accurate projections about the future like 
those Rand made 5 to 6 decades before these events occurred. 
Her method was consistently rational -- the reality-based, 
pro-reason, pro-individual rights philosophy, Objectivism.
    Learn her ideas about proper reasoning, nature of the 
world, requirements for human prosperity, rational morality, 
individual-rights-preserving politics and more.  
    In a world in which individual rights and capitalism have 
proven they protect freedom and promote prosperity, why are 
we steadily losing both?
    In the lectures he'll demonstrate the philosophic principles 
of Objectivism with examples from the novel and real life, 
he'll help you to "chew," "digest" and integrate. 
    Get updates from Paul Saunders: 
phone 610-248-5549 or email

A champion of law informed by economics
   "Tough business competitors should get at least the same 
legal fairness we normally give Klansmen or crack dealers."
    Henry G. Manne, dean emeritus of the George Mason School 
of Law, died Jan. 17, 2015 at 86. The author of "Insider Trading 
and the Stock Market" and a pioneer in the field of law and
economics was a frequent contributor to the Wall St. Journal:
    I learned about him for the first time in this Wall Street Journal 
article. I wish I'd known about him earlier:

    "For Milken, verdict first, trial later"  Feb. 3, 1990
The government wants $1.8 billion in RICO forfeitures from 
[Michael] Milken and his co-defendants. The government claims 
that Mr. Milken's alleged securities infractions were RICO 
violations, which made Drexel part of a RICO "enterprise," 
which means he must forfeit all his Drexel compensation....
    ...[Milken] has been a disruptive and unsettling innovator 
in the usually staid financial world makes it all the more 
important to be vigilant about possible abuse of fair procedures. 
We hardly need a regime of civil liberties to protect passive, 
unventuresome members of the community. 

Letter to the editor  Aug. 24, 1999 
    Our judges are regularly asked to decide complex issues of 
antitrust law without any sophistication as to what competitive 
markets are all about; intellectual property cases without any 
grounding in the nature of property rights or the significance 
of private contract. They are asked to resolve arcane contract 
damage issues without knowing the difference between 
accounting revenues and economic profits.
    Market economics is claimed by its opponents to represent 
one extreme of the ideological spectrum. Thus, if a [Koch 
brothers] firm funds judicial education in market economics, 
that firm must be engaged in the ex-parte brainwashing of judges.
    Why [have] colleges & law schools...failed so miserably to 
build a fundamental understanding of how...economy functions? 

"Bring back the hostile takeover"  June 26, 2002
    Since Enron, there has been an outbreak of regulatory fever 
in Washington...Apparently forgotten is how Enron and other 
recent scandals were the direct result of regulatory and judicial 
efforts to stem abuses in the takeover arena 20 and more years 
ago. They still haven't learned just how high the cost of 
interfering with salutary market forces can be.
    ...New scandals will continue until we bring back the most 
powerful market mechanism for displacing bad managers: 
hostile takeovers.

"Options? Nah, try insider trading"  Aug. 2, 2002
    Currently, the SEC sees its job as regulating the entire market 
for information. This is madness. It starts at the supply side with 
accounting rules that began life as managerial tools and tries to 
make them into a valuation scheme. It finishes on the demand 
side by restricting insider trading, which merely shifts the identity 
of the people who may trade first on undisclosed information.
    If insider trading were legal and used to replace or supplement 
stock options, there would be no "tragedies" of employees being 
left high and dry with options way out of the money. There would 
be no loss of reward when an innovation merely resulted in a 
reduction of an expected loss. There would be no unearned gain 
because a company's stock appreciated in line with a market or 
industry rise. And there would be no peculiar problems of 
accounting since such trading would be entirely extraneous 
to the company's accounts.

"Regulation 'in terrorem' "  Nov. 22, 2004
    ...make no mistake: [NY Attorney General] Eliot Spitzer 
represents, wittingly or not, an attack on the entire corporate 
free-enterprise system. Clearly we need new or invigorated 
institutions to defend industries and companies publicly when 
they come under unwarranted or disproportionate attack. 
...leaders of the business community should make it a high 
priority to develop these capabilities before more harm is done.

"Milton Friedman was right"  Nov. 26, 2006
    ...he was absolutely correct about the significance of 
proposals for socially responsible corporate behavior, whether 
they emanated from within or outside the corporation. These 
proposals reflect...the inability of many commentators to 
distinguish enterprise system and socialism. ...
corporate behemoths...must either be regulated by the state or 
they must act as though they are owned by the public....This 
attitude is corporate activists [and] by many 
"modern" corporate managers.

These are from:

"Three Enemies of Capitalism" a talk by Carrie-Ann Biondi
    Part of John Galt's success in stopping "the motor of the 
world" by persuading producers to go on strike is due to 
knowing his intellectual enemies. 
    He defeats enemies of capitalism not only by making the
moral case for capitalism, but also by reclaiming terminology 
and undermining the false premises of his enemies' views. 
    In this video, Carrie-Ann explains and challenges the 
essential claims of Karl Marx's communism and Alasdair 
MacIntyre's conservatism, and defends capitalism against the 
false accusations lodged against it by these enemies concerning 
alienation, exploitation and consumerism. 
    Carrie-Ann was in the audience of the Jan. Junto. Watch her 
talk at: and

"What happened to freedom of speech?" The Yaron Brook Show
    His 1st show, online blog/audio, began Jan. 7th with a special
edition because of the shooting in Paris. It focused on freedom 
of speech. Yaron is president of the Ayn Rand Institute,
    The slaughter of journalists at Charlie Hebdo in Paris is part 
of a longstanding war against freedom of speech. Before that 
horrific incident there were many threats and attacks. 
    Recall intimidation of Sony Pictures over "The Interview," 
2011 firebombing of Charlie Hebdo, 2006 deadly global riots 
over Mohammad cartoons in a Danish newspaper and 1989 
Iran's death decree against novelist Salman Rushdie and more. 
    There's a climate of fear and self-censorship, TV networks 
removed shows, publishers scrapped plans to release books, 
a college dis-invited commencement speaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
    You can listen to this episode:

The Yaron Brook Show, 2nd show, about D.C. and more
    In this episode Yaron talked about "Why I hate Washington, 
DC," why he used to love DC and why his attitude changed, 
the issue he predicts will dominate the 2016 election, how 
Objectivism differs from libertarianism, why he loves classical 
music, films that should win Oscars:

Challenge of Liberty Seminars from The Independent Institute
    June and July, Boulder and Berkeley, 18-35 year old, some
scholarships, 5 nights, 4 days, speakers include Junto speakers
Robert Higgs, Gregory Rehmke, Benjamin Powell. Philosophical 
foundations of a free society, rise of liberty in the West and the 
elemental principles of economics. Social networking and more.

Aristos online arts magazine, new issue, objective standards
    Movie review: "Mr. Turner," Don't Ask Wikipedia! (cautionary 
tale), Alchemies, Illuminations (a poetry collection), What Makes 
a Poem a Poem?, Aristos awards: A.C. Douglas (Independent 
Music/Culture Weblogger) for "On Music and Gibberish," Anna 
Hyatt Huntington: A Compendium, on the life and work of 20th
century sculptor. Poetry: A Belief in Alchemy by Richard H. 
Behm, worth reading: In Praise of Dead White Men by Lindsay 
Johns, on the Western literary canon. By Louis Torres and
Michelle Kamhi (recently at Junto)

Atlas Network, top 10 happenings in global freedom movement
    Asia Liberty Forum, 3rd annual in Nepal, 20 sessions, tools 
for successful think tanks, inspirational ideas of liberty.
    Central bank activism in U.S., EU, Japan creates market 
volatility. By engineering distorted price signals central bankers 
create the volatile market conditions they hope to combat.
   Building a new liberty movement in Greece, how to reform 
liquor trade policy in India, Civismo economist nominated for 
Spain's best business book, challenging Piketty's inequality 
empirics, how markets are changing in the worldwide
sharing economy:

Martin Anderson died, critical to ending the military draft
    He died at 78, among his achievements were helping to 
eliminate the military draft and heading off a national ID card.
    From the 1960s he was part of Ayn Rand's NY circle and he 
helped make real the principles of individual liberty and limited 
government she espoused.
    In his 1964 book "The Federal Bulldozer: A critical analysis 
of urban renewal, 1942-1962" he demonstrated government 
policy destroyed affordable housing at huge taxpayer expense.
    He was a leading advocate of eliminating the military draft, in 
1968 he helped persuade then-presidentional candidate Richard 
Nixon to replace conscription with an all-volunteer army. 
    He was domestic policy advisor for Ronald Reagan. In a
cabinet meeting attorney general William Smith wanted to 
require a national ID card for all working in the U.S.
    Anderson explained the card could be faked. Why not tattoo 
a number on everyone's wrist? Reagan understood the allusion 
to Nazi practices, the proposal died. For more about his life and
    In his NY Times obituary "...[an] economist who helped 
shape American economic policy in the 1980s as a top adviser 
to President Ronald Reagan...:"

Alex Epstein: "97% of climate scientists agree" is 100% wrong 
    Alex, the founder of the Center for Industrial Progress and 
author of "The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels," writes:
    If you've ever expressed the least bit of skepticism about 
environmentalist calls for making the vast majority of fossil 
fuel use illegal, you've probably heard the smug response: 
"97% of climate scientists agree with climate change"...
    ...the specific meaning of the 97% claim is: 97% of climate 
scientists agree that there is a global warming trend and that 
human beings are the main cause -- that is, that we are over 
50% responsible. The warming is a whopping 0.8 degrees over 
the past 150 years, a warming that has tapered off to essentially 
nothing in the last decade and a half. was that proven?...[John] Cook is able to demonstrate 
only that a relative handful endorse "the view that the Earth is 
warming up and human emissions of greenhouse gases are the
main cause." ...when the study was publicly challenged by 
economist David Friedman, one observer calculated that only 
1.6% explicitly stated that man-made greenhouse gases caused 
at least 50% of global warming.
    Where did most of the 97% come from, then? Cook had 
created a category called "explicit endorsement without
quantification" -- that is, papers in which the author, by Cook's 
admission, did not say whether 1% or 50% or 100% of the 
warming was caused by man. He had also created a category 
called "implicit endorsement," for papers that imply (but don't 
say) that there is some man-made global warming and don't 
quantify it. In other words, he created two categories that he 
labeled as endorsing a view that they most certainly didn't.
    The 97% claim is a deliberate misrepresentation designed to 
intimidate the public -- and numerous scientists whose papers 
were classified by Cook protested: "Cook survey included 10 of 
my 122 eligible papers. 5/10 were rated incorrectly. 4/5 were 
rated as endorse rather than neutral." -- Dr. Richard Tol
    ...97% or some similar figure....based on crude manipulation 
propagated by people whose ideological agenda it serves. It is 
a license to intimidate. 
    It's time to revoke that license. 
Read this all:

Alex Epstein: On the Dr. Drew Pinsky Show, podcast
   They talked for over an hour, about everything from energy to 
aliens, in-vitro fertilization to Aristotle. And about Alex's book 
"The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels." It's one his best interviews. 
    Drew is a bright guy who takes ideas seriously. He 
commented on today's dominate environmental philosophy: 
"It always situates us outside of nature, as though somehow 
we are some prevailing force that has nothing to do with the 
physical universe."  Listen to it here:

Alex Epstein: Presents his book "Moral Case for Fossil Fuels"
    He says the public only hears one side of the argument in 
the debate over fossil fuels.
    In his book, he argues fossil fuels have done more good than 
damage in the world and are a safe and reliable source of energy.
    Watch him anytime on C-Span 2, BookTV, from his talk 
at the Heritage Foundation, D.C. :

NY civil forfeiture nightmare ends, IRS to return $447,000
    Institute for Justice won a case so Federal prosecutors will
return everything they seized from a Long Island convenience-
store distributor, bringing one of the most widely-watched civil
forfeiture fights in the nation to a close.
    The IRS seized nearly $447,000, based solely on a pattern of 
cash deposits deemed suspicious by government agents. Federal 
law requires banks to report cash deposits larger than $10,000 
to the IRS....laws allow the government to seize property 
without charging anyone with, let alone convicting them of, 
a crime. Read it all at:

Free market and Objectivist local meetings, sites and podcasts

*** Groups which meet in Manhattan ***
Ayn Rand Institute on Tour --
Gotham Tea Party (occasionally)--
Junto --    
Manhattan Libertarian Party --
NYC Ayn Rand Meetup --
NY Objectivists/NY Heroes --

*** Sites to visit ***
Aristos: An online review of the arts --
"Atlas" in your life --
Atlas Network --
The Atlas Society --
The Atlasphere --
Ayn Rand Institute --
Ayn Rand Lexicon --
Cato Institute --
Center for Industrial Progress --
The College of the United States --
education blog --
Forum for Ayn Rand fans --
Institute for Justice --
JayTaylor newsletter--
Liberty Magazine --
Ludwig Von Mises Institute --
News Sandwich from Amy Peikoff --
The Objective Standard --
The Objective Standard's Blog --
Objectivism Online --
Powell History --
Powell history courses --
Real Clear Politics --
Rebirth of Reason --
Sense of Life Objectivists --
Tracinski at The Federalist  --
The Tracinski Letter --

*** Internet podcasts, all free ***
These are mainly weekly "radio" shows you can hear online.
    Listen to shows live or at any time. Most are on iTunes.
If you're listening live, join by commenting or asking questions
by phone, email, in a chat room, tweeting, etc. 

* "Philosophy in action" Diana Heish answer questions from
listeners, applying rational principles to challenges of real life.
    Live Sun., Q&A, 11:00am eastern time
    Live Thur., Interview, 9:00pm eastern:

* "Don't let it go unheard"  Amy Peikoff on news and politics 
from the perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy Objectivism.
    Bosch Fawstin, illusWriter also on the show. Visit his site 
to see his clever and dramatic work:
    Live Fri., 3:00pm to 5:00am eastern:

* "The Yaron Brook Show"  Weekly, this radical for capitalism 
discusses news, culture and politics from the principled 
perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism. 
    Yaron, president Ayn Rand Institute, is co-author of
"Winning the Unwinnable War: America's self-crippled 
response to Islamic totalitarianism."
    He speaks worldwide on topics including the morality of 
capitalism, Ayn Rand's philosophy, finance and economics.
    Live Mon., 11:00am to 1:00pm eastern:

* "The Peikoff podcasts"  Alternate weeks have 
Leonard Peikoff, philosopher, Ayn Rand's intellectual heir
Yaron Brook, president Ayn Rand Institute.
    Leonard answers questions on Ayn Rand's philosophy of 
Objectivism, on human relationships, career, moral issues -- 
not technical philosophy or practical politics.
    Yaron answers questions on politics, economics, foreign policy.
Podcasts available by topic, single questions or full episodes:

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