NYC Junto Podcast –David Kelley 2015

September 3, 2015

David Kelley
Founder and chief intellectual officer of The Atlas Society. He’s been an active proponent of Objectivism for over 25 years.

August 6, 2015 – Ayn Rand: The new wave of myths and misrepresentations about her

Objectivism is Ayn Rand’s philosophy, which was set forth in her novel “Atlas Shrugged,” and her non-fiction essays.

The Atlas Society promotes open Objectivism: the philosophy of reason, achievement, individualism and freedom. Discover the principles behind living a happy, thriving, free life. Objectivism is designed as a guide to life and celebrates the remarkable potential and power of the individual.

David’s a professional philosopher, teacher and best-selling author. He joined the philosophy department of Vassar College, staying until 1984. He’s taught at Brandeis University as a visiting lecturer.

Among his books “Unrugged Individualism: The selfish basis of benevolence,” “The Contested Legacy of Ayn Rand,” “The Evidence of the Senses, a treatise on epistemology” and “The Art of Reasoning” one of the most widely used logic textbooks in the country.

He co-authored “Laissez Parler: Freedom in the electronic media, a critique of government regulation.” He’s author of “A Life of One’s Own: Individual rights and the welfare state, a critique of the moral premises of the welfare state and defense of private alternatives that preserve individual autonomy, responsibility, and dignity.”

Articles by David are on social issues and public policy are in Harper’s, The Sciences, Reason, Harvard Business Review, The Freeman, etc. He’s been editorial writer Barron’s, been on 20/20 and ABC News special, “Greed” with John Stossel. He’s written and lectured extensively on issues in philosophy, politics and public affairs.

He’s lectured on Objectivism to student groups in Harvard, Yale, University of Michigan, Berkeley, Amherst and many others. He’s also addressed Mont Pelerin Society, Free Press Association, Cato Institute, Heartland Institute and many Objectivist conferences.

Read some of his recent articles here: Objective Reality — An Atlas University conversation, The Nature of Free Will, Choosing Life and The Epistemology of Perception.

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