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January 28, 2017

NYC Junto Newsletter

A free monthly written by Iris Bell, on January 26, 2017

Contents at a glance

Calendar of NYC events

  • Ayn Rand Meetup, Sunday, January 29, 3:00pm
  • Ayn Rand Institute, Future of Reason and Capitalism, Feb. 4
  • Workshop Rand’s “Virtue of Selfishness” Wed., Feb. 15
  • Sweden Is Not a Socialist Paradise, Atlas Network, Feb 15

Featured — government positives

  • Trump: “exercise your judgment…in favor of individual”
  • White House liaison to NASA professor of entrepreneurship
  • Trump NASA advisor may get rid of earth warming “tamperer”

Featured — Human flourishing movement

  • Alex Epstein’s favorite speech: Flourishing, in 12 minutes
  • Alex Epstein and Dan Sullivan on human flourishing
  • Alex Epstein on Trump and energy, plus fracking
  • YouTube: “Moral Case for Fossil Fuels” by Alex Epstein
  • Alex Epstein: How to be thought leader with mental magnets
  • How to leverage Objectivism to be a leader in your field

Items of interest

  • National School Choice Week: 21,392 events, January 22-28
  • Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” on Moscow Radio
  • Yesterday, 138,000 people rose out of extreme poverty
  • Becoming an Ayn Rand Hero, video interviews and articles
  • Air conditioning for humans began at the NY Stock Exchange
  • Google is looking for someone who can speak Republican
  • Tiffany brings back its Dollar Sign Money Clip
  • Separating state and the economy, site
  • “The Founder,” movie review by Victor Niederhoffer
  • “Nathaniel Branden: His work and legacy”
  • Portrait: How an artist brings paint to life, William Zinsser
  • Cato report on life in Russia right now
  • “Self-Control or State Control? You decide,” book
  • Fred Cookinham’s five Ayn Rand walking tours
  • Local meetings, sites: free market and Objectivist
  • About Junto and this Junto newsletter


Junto monthly newsletter continues, Junto meetings end.

The purpose of this newsletter, by Iris Bell, is to let you know about item related to achievements, free markets, education and Romantic arts…with an emphasis on Objectivism and the human flourishing movement.

The most important part of each item is in print here, with a link for more information. There are surprises in every issue, great items which are getting little notice.

To subscribe to this newsletter put “Junto list” in the subject line, email your name and preferred email address to: info@NYCjunto.org

Junto’s founder and host is Victor Niederhoffer. Visit his site here.

Calendar of NYC events

Ayn Rand Meetup, Sunday, January 29, 3:00pm

As always, we’ll talk about Ayn Rand, her works, challenges, Objectivist life, options, associations and knowledge. Give and take, open to all, no charge, no reservations. It’s on the last Sunday of each month.

At The Midtown Restaurant, 155 East 55 Street, between 3rd and Lexington Avenues, mid-block, north side of 55 Street, in Manhattan, free.

There are one to two dozen people at each Meetup. Benny Pollack, Ayn Rand Meetup organizer, says: “Join our group of regular Objectivists for a lively discussion on topics related to Ayn Rand and Objectivist philosophy in general.

“Please join us. If you are already versed in the topic, want to learn or just want to spend an intellectually stimulating afternoon, please come. I hope to see you all there.” Get up-to-date information here.

Ayn Rand Institute, A Future of Reason and Capitalism, Feb. 4

Saturday, 1:00pm, reception 4:30pm to 6:00pm with hors d’oeuvres, open wine and beer bar. Marriot Marquis, 1535 Broadway, between 45 and 46 Streets

Four Objectivist speakers “Building a Future of Reason and Capitalism,” They’ll discuss the state of the culture and the Objectivist movement in light of the November 2016 elections, new DC administration.

The battle for philosophic change is a long-term, educational endeavor. Learn what Ayn Rand Institute is doing in 2017 to educate the public on key matters of policy facing our country and what they’re doing with young people to build momentum for a future which will enshrine reason, individual liberty and capitalism.

  • Jonathan Hoenig, moderator
  • Onkar Ghate — Beyond Right and Left: Why Objectivism is needed to oppose today’s rising authoritarianism
  • Elan Journo — Bringing Reason and Egoism into America’s Bankrupt Foreign Policy
  • Steve Simpson — Why Objectivism Is Essential to the Fight for Free Speech
  • Yaron Brook, Ayn Rand Institute executive co-chairman and president: additional remarks

Free for ARI contributors of $10,000 or more annually. $79 per person. Bring guests, $65 per person for yourself and them. Place order here.

Workshop: Ayn Rand’s “Virtue of Selfishness” Wed., Feb 15

7:00pm to 9:15pm, Marymount Manhattan College, 221 East 71 Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, room 505, cost $10, this is the 5th of the 9 sessions

Philosophy professor and Aristotle scholar Carrie-Ann Biondi leads this workshop on Ayn Rand’s rational ethical egoism. We’re working through chapters from Rand’s “The Virtue of Selfishness.” Carrie-Ann will demonstrate similarities and differences with Aristotle’s ethics when possible. She’ll provide excerpts on Aristotle and Egoism from Joe Sachs translation of “Nicomachean Ethics” to study before some workshop.

In this fifth session we’ll discuss Chapter 4, “The ‘Conflicts’ of Men’s Interest.” More information and register here.

Sweden Is Not a Socialist Paradise, Atlas Network, Wed., Feb 15

Noon to 2:00pm, talk and luncheon. Trattoria Il Mulino, 36 E 20th. By Karin Svanborg-Sjöval, president/CEO Timbro. Gain intellectual ammunition to prove to your more socialist friends they’re wrong about Sweden. Free for Atlas Club members, Trendsetters members, and their guests. Suggested $50 donation for others. More information here.

Featured — government positives

Trump: “exercise your judgment…in favor of the individual”

Judge Andrew Napolitano said…President Donald Trump’s executive order on Obamacare — issued Friday right after he was inaugurated — was “truly revolutionary.” …he’s never before seen a president say “you will exercise your judgment against the government and in favor of the individual. That is truly revolutionary and is exactly what [Trump] promised he would do.” See Napolitano talking about this here. The full text of Trump’s executive order on Obamacare is here.

White House liaison to NASA is professor of entrepreneurship

Greg Autry is an impressive Trump appointee. He’s a proponent of commercial space. It’s great that now there’s someone at NASA who understands business, not just government like most people at NASA. More here.

It’s assumed by Bob Zimmerman, of “Behind the Black,” that a lot of what’s now done by NASA will be done in the future by the private sector. Listen here.

Trump NASA advisor may get rid of earth warming “tamperer”

Trump appointed Erik Noble as White House senior advisor NASA. Noble will probably appoint a new head to the Goddard Institute. Present head Gavin Schmidt is increasingly suspect as a scientist, instead he seems a global warming political advocate. Climate data has been increasingly tampered with, past data cooled, recent data warmed, creating the impression Earth’s climate’s been warming more than ever. He uses the results in annual press releases declaring each year as the “hottest” ever, though raw data shows no such thing. More about this here.

Here’s Robert Tracinski’s “Science Without Numbers.”

“…when you read an article proclaiming that, for the third year in a row, last year was the hottest year on record, you might expect that…you will get numbers, measurements, and a statistical margin of error….you would be wrong. I just got done combing through a New York Times report titled, “Earth Sets a Temperature Record for the Third Straight Year.” The number of relevant numbers in this article is: zero….” More here.

Featured — Human flourishing movement

Alex Epstein’s favorite speech: Flourishing, in 12 minutes

I agree with him, this is one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard. He covers: * transformative contribution, * freedom, * mass human flourishing, * be a freedom fighter, * human flourishing movement, and * what are entrepreneurs.

He gave this speech to the Genius Network. The event cost $10,000 a person, until now this video was only available to the $25,000 a year members. Now it’s free here.

Alex Epstein and Dan Sullivan on human flourishing

Alex is the author of “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels.” Dan is founder of Strategic Coach, coaching entrepreneurs. They talk about the significance of the human flourishing concept for all human endeavors.

In this audio they share, how to make a transformative contribution to human flourishing and how to create value in the world. They announce their Human Flourishing Project. They expect it to accelerate the impact on the energy debate and to impact many other crucial human endeavors. Listen here.

Alex Epstein on Trump and energy, plus fracking

“What [Trump] has said about energy…is the best of any president since Reagan,” says Alex, president Center for Industrial Progress, a think tank devoted to exploring how new technology can improve the planet. From Reason Magazine, December 2017, listen here.

YouTube: “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels” by Alex Epstein

Watch illustrations drawn by Matthew Drake while listening to the author read his own book here.

Alex Epstein: How to be a thought leader with mental magnets

From Alex’s email: “Here’s a powerful term you should know — mental magnet. I like to think of a thought leader as a mental magnet. This is someone who can change the mental orientation of others around them…

“As an energy thought leader, one of the most important things I do is create resource magnets for people like you to share.

Try this out so you can be more persuasive. Here are three resources you can share right now–via email or social media.”

  • Prager University video, “Do 90% of Climate Scientists Really Agree?”
  • Two page summary of the “Moral Case for Fossil Fuels
  • Senate testimony and Q&A before the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, here.

“…you don’t need to be the best explainer to be a powerful thought leader. You just have to know your resource magnets and be the best recommender.” Alex Epstein, founder, Center for Industrial Progress. Get his newsletter here.

How to leverage Objectivism to become a leader in your field

Alex Epstein explains how he used Objectivism to become a thought leader on energy and environmental issues, and how others can leverage Objectivism to become leaders in their fields, watch it here.

Items of interest

National School Choice Week: 21,392 events, January 22-28

Independently-planned events nationwide, expected to draw tens of millions. Learn more here.

Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” on Moscow Radio

The translated book was broadcast in Russian on Business FM 87.5 Moscow, over five days. The station’s audience is hear a million. It was sponsored by Alpina Business Books, the Russian-language publisher of 10 Rand’s works. It streamed a web simulcast.

Yesterday, 138,000 people rose out of extreme poverty

Essay by Johan Norberg, author of “Progress: Ten reasons to look forward to the future.” He explains how per capita-income in the world’s low- and middle-income countries doubled between 2000 and 2011,

This is one of the most important stories of our time: poverty, as we know it, is disappearing from our planet. Read about it here.

Becoming an Ayn Rand Hero, video interviews and articles


These shows apply Ayn Rand’s philosophy to thriving in daily life. Through interviews, insights and improvisation, host Mark Michael Lewis empowers and inspires you to create your life and lifestyle.

His written articles offer practical ideas to personally apply Rand’s key insights to your own life. They bring her abstract philosophy down into the concrete reality of your daily choices, relationships, work, sense of life. It guides you to clarify and commit to a path that expresses your vision of the best within you. Videos and articles here.

Air conditioning for humans began at the NY Stock Exchange

Air conditioning started when Willis Carrier installed a system in Sackett & Wilhems Lithography, 1902. It improved the printing process, reducing humidity so paper would go through the rollers. The same year, the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange was air conditioned. That was the first case of air conditioning for human comfort rather than for an industrial process. More here.

Google is looking for someone who can speak Republican

I’ve often written about the problem of people on the left trying to understand people on the right. The others have been articles and books. Here’s a company trying to do it.

The reality of a Trump Presidency has been hard to process for much of DC. Progressives at Google have announced they’re looking for someone who can communicate with those strange humanlike life-forms: conservatives.

Google posted a job opening in DC for a manager of “Conservative Outreach and Public Policy Partnerships.” The employee will be “Google’s liaison to conservative, libertarian and free market groups” and will be “part organizer, part advocate and part policy wonk.”

Google will have to scramble to preserve its enormous influence on everything from copyrights to privacy regulation….maybe Google’s Republican unicorn can host a staff seminar on the free-market philosophy that made the tech giant possible. More here.

Tiffany brings back its Dollar Sign Money Clip

After Trump’s election they put out this ad: “Timeless design meets modern attitude in the Out of Retirement™ collection, based on archival Tiffany designs. Bold and modern, this money clip is an eternally stylish option. 18k gold, $2,900.” More information here.

Separating state and the economy, site

This vast subject covers all of society in one way or another. Its pages cover many major areas. Some parts have lots of information and links, other parts are “to come.”

Don’t primarily advocate for separation of state and the economy because it will bring the most to the most. It will, but that’s just icing on the cake. Advocate for separation because it’s the only position consistent with championing individualism, individual rights and laissez-faire capitalism — the moral/political trinity of a truly civilized society.

Areas in this site: Healthcare, Retirement, Education, Finance & Insurance, Energy & Environment, Food & Agriculture, Communications & Transportation, Commerce & Employment, Housing, Drugs & Alcohol, Immigration, Welfare…Championing the Moral Case for Separating State and the Economy

Created by Anders Ingemarson, Chief Opinionated Officer, native of Sweden, American by choice. He’s an IT professional, his articles have been in RealClearMarkets and American Thinker. He’s been on talk radio, speaks about the moral case for separating state and the economy plus related topics. His site’s here.

“The Founder,” movie review by Victor Niederhoffer

A movie is about McDonald’s: “…highlight[s] all the defects that the Pres. is supposed to have. Also to show the business itself in a negative light based on theft of ideas, cheap products, and breaking of contracts….makes it seem like Kroc cheated the Mcs. But there were teams of lawyers in the room, and the written agreement didn’t contain any such language…

“…good footage of what it’s like to be a direct salesman and how the sale begins when the customer says “No.” Also, if you can get behind the biased anti business propaganda, for someone who understands business, there is much to enjoy about the details that go into success…. ” Read it all here.

“Nathaniel Branden: His work and legacy”

Special Issue: A symposium in The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies, (JARS), Nathaniel Branden (1930-2014) was a crucial figure in the life of Ayn Rand and her philosophy.

Psychotherapist, “father” of the self-esteem movement, he made important contributions to the theory and practice of Objectivism. However, his life and influence haven’t been the subject of a book or collection of articles. JARS has filled this gap with this interdisciplinary collection of studies on facets of his work.

After death, December 3, 2014, JARS received too many valuable essays to publish one issue. For the first time in our 16-year history, a double issue, in print and Kindle.

Contributors include Tal Ben-Shahar, Roger E. Bissell, Susan Love Brown, Robert L. Campbell, Stephen Cox, Walter Foddis, Teresa I. Morales Gerbaud, Mimi Reisel Gladstein, Roderick T. Long, Chris Matthew Sciabarra, Andrew Schwartz, Duncan Scott, Deepak Sethi, Michael E. Southern and Joel F. Wade. Wide array of perspectives and disciplines: political theory, history, philosophy, literature, anthropology, business, film, academic and clinical psychology.

Includes the first print publication of a transcribed 1996 lecture and Q&A by him, “Objectivism: Past and Future. Most comprehensive annotated bibliography on him and secondary literature regarding his life and work. Order here.

Portrait: How an artist brings paint to life, by William Zinsser

This writer writes about having his portrait painted,”I’ve always thought of portrait painters as unlicensed psychiatrists, using their eyes instead of their ears to read the human heart; I doubt if Rembrandt’s sitters had many secrets he didn’t know about….”

The artist speaks, too,”…a person alone — a person for whom time has been stilled. It’s epitomized by Rembrandt, or Velázquez, or Ingres. I prefer that approach, partly because it enables me to focus on one thing at a time, separating design and form and color into three successive stages. But mainly I use it because when I’m painting someone, I don’t want anything to distract me from that person….”

This article lets you into the minds of artist and subject, with the charming painting at the end. Read it here.

Thank you Dianne Durante for putting this in your newsletter. Read her newsletter on the arts and/or sign up for it here.

Cato report on life in Russia right now

Their president, Peter Goettler, writes memos to donors. His November memo: “The people I met described the Putin regime at this point as a full-on dictatorship — and one that is downright cunning in maintaining its grip on power. While not totalitarian as in Soviet days…selling books at a private meetings…is OK, but…stand in the street to pass out leaflets or books and you’ll be shut down immediately. And public demonstrations aren’t allowed.

“…the regime maintains a veneer of democracy that is largely a charade….[they create a] fictitious party…opposition is thwarted but the world sees a ballot that offers candidates.”

“Self-Control or State Control? You decide,” Atlas Network

In this libertarian book, editor Tom Palmer weaves together a series of essays, theoretical and practical, showing how to live a happier life, be a better person, and enjoy the benefits of freedom and responsibility.

“…an amazing guide on how you and I can grow into liberty, in mini-essays ranging from personal psychology to banking regulation. The word ‘responsibility’ in its modern sense of ‘ethical self-control’ came into English around 1800. It’s no accident that 1800 was also about when ‘the liberal plan of liberty, equality, and justice,’ as Adam Smith had put it, first took hold, as against the ancient commands of lords….State control is reinventing lordly command. Time to stop it. Time to take personal responsibility.” Deirdre McCloskey,

Sarah Skwire’s chapter is “First person singular: Literature and individual resistance.” She writes about Ayn Rand’s “Anthem” where the characters discover the word “I” and she writes about other writers dealing with similar ideas. Download or order free here.

Fred Cookinham’s five Ayn Rand walking tours

  • Atlas Shrugged, *Ayn Rand’s Park Avenue, *Ayn Rand’s Fifth Avenue, *Skyscrapers of The Fountainhead and *Ayn Rand on Broadway. Private tours $30 per person. Arrange tour, get information, call Fred at home: 718-397-9019, on cell: 917-607-9019, email: fcookinham [at] juno.com His site’s here.

Local meetings and sites: free market and Objectivist

*** Groups which meet in Manhattan ***

Manhattan Libertarian Party

NYC Ayn Rand Meetup

NY Objectivists/Celebrating the Philosophy of Ayn Rand/NY Heroes

*** Sites to visit ***

Aristos: An online review of the arts

Atlas Network

The Atlas Society

The Atlasphere

Ayn Rand Institute

Ayn Rand Lexicon

Cato Institute

Center for Industrial Progress

ChoiceMedia.TV: School choice news and events

The College of the United States

The Federalist

Forum for Ayn Rand Fans

The Heartland Institute

Independent Institute

Institute for Justice

Liberating Education

Liberty Magazine

Ludwig Von Mises Institute

News Sandwich from Amy Peikoff

The Objective Standard

The Objective Standard’s Blog

Objectivism Online

Powell History

Real Clear Politics

Reason Papers

Rebirth of Reason

The Savvy Street

Sense of Life Objectivists

taxPOLItix by Alan J Dlugash

Robert Tracinski at The Federalist

The Tracinski Letter


*** Facebook groups ***

These groups are about free markets, creativity and/or Ayn Rand. Some are open to anyone. To read and post to closed ones ask to become a member. You can sign up for notices of new postings.

These groups have from 8,000 members to under 100. Some have been around years, others are new, some have daily postings, others rare ones.

A R Group

Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand friends

Ayn Rand International

Ayn Rand: Voices of Youth


For The New Intellectuals

Free Minds

Friends Who Like The Ayn Rand Institute

The Impact of Aristotle Upon Christian, Islamic, & Jewish Cultures

New York Area Objectivists

New York Objectivist Salon

The Objective Standard, an online and paper publication

Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand


Objectivist Inventors, Scientists and Engineers and Friends!

Objectivist movement

Romanticism Watch

Stop Blaming Capitalism for Socialism’s Failures

Students For Liberty


The facts about Junto and this Junto newsletter


  • Our founder and host is Victor Niederhoffer. For 31 years, until September 2016, he sponsored Junto. It was a monthly meeting which shared information, discussed current issues and presented speakers. His site is dedicated to the scientific method, free markets, deflating ballyhoo, creating value and laughter; a forum for us to use our meager abilities to make the world of specinvestments a better place. Visit his site here.
  • To subscribe to this newsletter put “Junto list” in the subject line, email your name and preferred email address to: info@NYCjunto.org
  • Iris Bell continues to write this newsletter. She’s a freelance graphic designer. She was Ayn Rand’s and Nathaniel Branden Institute’s graphic designer.
  • Oleg Atbashian created NYCjunto.com. His own famous site, The People’s Cube, presents important political issues with humor and satire.


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