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    Marty Lewinter

    A Debt Paid

    by Marty Lewinter

    Oh USA – land of the free,
    Oh guardian of liberty.
    Under your flag, I sleep secure –
    America – a dream so pure.

    My parents found a haven here
    From the communist gun and the Nazi sneer,
    From the savages who assault our gate
    Who would destroy all we create.

    Thus did we heed your call to arms
    From our mountains and cities, to our bountiful farms-
    The brave stepped forth to defend our land –
    We harked your angry eagle’s command.
    No hesitation – we were ne’er dismayed –
    A debt it was, and so it was paid.

    I died for you on a foreign shore,
    No flowers on my grave.
    Yet I’d do it again forever more,
    My beautiful land to save.

    Sample from my poetry book, “Love and Death,” available at amazon.com

    I am interested in reviving classical poetry. My book is the first step I am taking toward this end.

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